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    Tall Wife 2.0

    Welcome to the Tall Wife 2.0. It was time for a redesign, for fresh ideas, for new energy. I hope you like the brand spanking new look of my blog. I love it and I canโ€™t wait to start sharing again! But first…
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  • Europe Travel

    Icelandic Adventures: Reykjavik

    Iceland has been on my travel-wishlist for a while: the rough landscapes (barren at times), the dramatic coastline, the geysers, the cute and tough Icelandic horses (I can probs fold my…

  • Fashion

    Skirt Shapes for Tall Girls

    For every body type there are certain styles that accentuate your best assets, and certain styles you better stay away from as they won’t flatter you at all. I don’t mean…

  • Lifestyle

    2017 – Changes

    Happy 2017 everyone! I know 2017 is one week old already, but better late than never I suppose. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope this year brings you all you wish for and more,…

  • Fashion

    Winter Blues: A-line x Denim

    Nothing can go wrong with a good skirt. Though my first pick shape wise is usually a pencil skirt (or pencil dress) as they’re so feminine, I have found myself being…

  • Europe Travel

    Traintravel: Like Swiss Clockwork

    One of the advantages of living in Europe is that you can get around the continent super easyย without getting on a plane. You can get on a train in Amsterdam and…

  • Tall

    Tall Women and Heels: An Open Letter

    “Heels should not even be considered by tall women”. You can imagine how displeased I was reading this statement in Margriet, one of the bigger magazines of the Netherlands. I appreciate…

  • Asia Travel

    China: The Great Wall & Beijing

    Less than two years ago, I had never been to China. This year alone I went three times. As I probably would not have chosen China as a destination for city…

  • Fashion

    Winser Winter Whites

    Nothing beats a refreshing autumn walk; the crisp air, the pretty colors, the feeling of wanting to hide away in your outfit. For me, it doesn’t get much better than that,…

  • Travel

    The ‘Upside’ of Being a Tall Traveler

    We all know the downsides of being a tall traveler. The agony of folding away your giraffe legs in an economy class seat, the stares, the pictures, the comments. Today, I…

  • Asia Travel

    Capturing Bali

    You can imagine my excitement when a business meeting got moved from Amsterdam to Bali. I mean, Amsterdam is nice, but it’s not Bali. I was quite looking forward to extending…