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Unique Boutiques in Den Bosch

statue This weekend, I went away for an overnight stay in Den Bosch with 2 girlfriends. Den Bosch is an old, atmospheric city in the South of NL, 30 mins away from where I live. The official name is ‘s-Hertogenbosch (which means ‘the Dukes Forest’) and is impossible to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers.

Our hotel was located a 10 minute walk from the train station, in the city centre, overlooking the ‘Grote Markt’, which is the main square. (If you want to see some more pictures of the city itself, I posted a Photoblog here.) We dropped our bags upon arrival, and went exploring. We had all been to Den Bosch before, but for me, it was a long time ago. In particular, weΒ were looking for smaller boutiques, unique to Den Bosch, rather than shops that you find anywhere as we can go there anytime. We did not have to look for long: we found two streets with cute little boutiques.

First, we spent quite some time on Vughterstraat, where I bought awesome cards at ‘webshops only concept store‘. This is a unique shop where webshops owners can rent space (I guess per square meter or something) to sell their unique, often handmade products. A lot of interior decoration, accessories, and toys for children here. I bought a few postcards, as they had a nice collection of original, well designed cards. Obviously, I fell for this one, which I most likely will post to myself… πŸ™‚


Then we went on, and found another concept store, called Koekwaus, ran by two enthusiastic sisters, who gracefully opened their shop for us after 5pm as we had a serious case of indecisiveness; too many lovely accessories to choose from in too many colors. This shop has a fun, happy, positive vibe to it. All 3 of us walked out with this cute little purse (as you see, we were at least mature enough to get them in a different colors):


I bought this very cute matching ring and bracelet too, I just could not help myself:


In the same street, we found ‘Daily Poetry‘; an inspiring shop, where they specialize in items that ‘breathe meaning’, in the shop-owners words. They sell furniture, (home)accessories, books, clothing and one-of-a-kind gifts. The decor of the shop was very clean, crisp, yet warm with truly unique products.

daily poetry tafel

daily poetry cards

The journey had not ended yet. We ventured intoΒ Snellestraat, where we found Oak; a tiny mini-warehouse selling clothing and home decoration. I fitted a lovely maxi dress here, which was too short unfortunately so it stayed, but I did found this cute cross body bag that went home with me.




This was enough for day 1. Back to the hotel for a nap. We had a lovely dinner that night at Zoete Lief in the Korte Putstraat,Β which was a great place to eat. After that we decided to explore nightlife and go for a drink, or maybe even a few.

The next day, We felt a bit rough after a 4am photo-finish, but nothing would stop us from our mission, and we were still missing shoes. Obviously. We found a shop that had a huge sale on (and where they did canoe-size shoes too). I walked out with two pairs of gorgeous heels that only cost me 20 eurs, as the girl in the shop had difficulties counting. She should have charged me 45 eurs, I did tell her,Β but she insisted on undercharging me, so who am I to argue?


Last but not least, we needed coffee, and we found this bookshop cafe type place on Kerkstraat, called Koffie bij Heinen, which connects to bookshop Heinen. They did a great job decorating this place with books, magazines and great furniture. The cappuccino was very decent too…

heijen koffie

With heavier bags and lighter bank accounts we went home, but I am definitely keeping Den Bosch in mind for shopping trips in the future!


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    Beth @
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    What a fun weekend and fantastic finds! I can’t believe the price for those shoes. Such luck! The giraffe print is pure awesome and I’m always a sucker for a cross-body bag. Glad you had a nice weekend.

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