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Tall Shop Inauguration

IMG_9883Yesterday was a big day for a 30-something Tall Girl: it marked my Tall Shop Inauguration. Better late than never I suppose. After my first (online) tall shop experience years back (I don’t remember where), I was put off ‘tall shopping’ in general as I was left rather disappointed. Half of my order went back as the tees were too short and what I did keep was poor quality. 


Since starting this blog in February, I have (virtually) met quite a few lovely fellow Tall Ladies, who inspired me to go give Tall Shops a second chance, so being in London was the perfect opportunity. I took the underground to Baker Street (while whistling that Gerry Rafferty song), and walked to Chiltern Street where Long Tall Sally ‘lives’. Chiltern Street seems to be catering for tall girls: a few doors down from LTS, I found a shoe shop for ladies with bigger feet as well. Unfortunately, it was closed so I was not able to check it out, but I will give you a pic of its window anyway.


Curious and open-minded, I set foot in Long Tall Sally, and had a general look around to get an idea of what LTS was all about and if it would match my style.


I liked what I saw: the mixed prints above, and the bright colors below


Some prints were a bit bolder than others


I decided I had to try some things on and see how these ‘tall clothes’ would fit and if it really was THAT different from ‘normal’ clothes.


I must have tried on at least 15 pieces. I had no idea if my normal size would be OK here as well, nor do I have a clue of my inseam (I had never even heard of that word before I started this blog), so the lovely LTS girl patiently helped me finding my way through the sizes and went back and forth to get other sizes. Bless her.


Unfortunately, that skirt was no longer available in my size, but the magenta shirt came home with me. The color is just so vibrant and the sleeves are so very long. I also found a great and REALLY long pair of black pants, perfect for work. A full review of that outfit you can read here. 🙂

After my little fitting session, I discovered they also had a downstairs area with shoes, sleep wear, and sportswear. Maybe it’s for the better I did not discover that sooner. Look at this lovely gym outfit.

Comfi outfits for snug, candle lit, rainy November evenings at home…

…while drinking red wine on the sofa and reading a book.


Various styles of footwear in bigger sizes too


So yes, I can say that I am changing my mind on tall shops as it stands. I liked what I saw at LTS and I will defo go back and try out other shops too. Not everything was to my taste, but that is exactly the same with any other shop. The things I did like (and buy) fitted my tall frame perfectly. I guess I owe a big thank you to the lovely online tall girl community who inspired me to give this a second chance.

The big question for Long Tall Sally is when they are going to open a shop in The Netherlands; we are the tallest people in the world after all, so there must be a market for it!

On a side note: I also checked out the ‘Tall Range’ of Topshop, but I wasn’t impressed; in their huge shop opposite Harrods, they only had 2 racks of ‘tall’ clothing, shoved away somewhere in a corner. To me, it felt like they were doing this on the side to be able to say they have a tall range, instead of something they actually have put an effort in. I’d rather go back to LTS where they do take us tall girls seriously and where they know what they are talking about.

If you want to read more about tall specialty shops, I would recommend you to check out fellow tall girl Beth’s blog, who has made it her mission to only shop from tall shops this year:


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    31 July 2015 at 21:09

    Welcome to the wonderful world of tall shopping! Isn’t it fun? I love the color of the blouse you bought. It’s so vibrant and looks fabulous on you. You also captured some great photos of the store! P.S. Thanks for giving me a shoutout.

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      Tall Wife
      4 August 2015 at 11:21

      It was fun! Especially since I was so reluctant about it. Silly me. 🙂 I love the color of that blouse too, though the lighting in the fitting room does not do it justice. My photographer (read; husband ;)) is abroad at the moment, so I have not had a chance yet to take proper pics of that complete outfit! it will come though, I promise!

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