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Pretty Tall Shop-3837Today was a festive day for Dutch Tall retailer Pretty Tall, as they opened their second store in The Netherlands. I must shamefully admit that I have never been to a tall shop in my own tall country (not counting the Long Tall Sally Pop Up as a shop). Having read about Pretty Tall on Beth’s blog Tall Fashion Adventures, and this new shop opening 15 minutes away from work (which is dangerous, I can feel it), I had no excuse not to visit them today and explore what they had to offer!

After work, I drove to Hoofddorp, which is a town very close to our main Airport Schiphol. Tall owner Inez chose Hoofddorp for its convenient location in between North Holland and South Holland, our two most heavily populated provinces. Her other shop is located in Apeldoorn, which is more to the East. (If you’re interested to know where exactly, check out Beth’s Tall Road Trip in NL post!)

Pretty Tall Shop-3839

The shop is spacious, and even though the ladies were still busy unpacking some boxes, the shop looked crisp and atmospheric. More importantly: it offers a wide variety of tall clothing for various occasions: dresses, jackets, jeans, trousers, blouses, tops, the list goes on.

Pretty Tall Shop-3848

Various tall brands are represented, including Inez’s own line Sequoia, named after one of the tallest trees in the world. I was happy to see this many very long (36′ and 38′ inseam) jeans in countless styles and colours.

Pretty Tall Shop-3842

Though this is just small part of the collection, they also offer shoes in bigger sizes for both men and women, and they have a men section for clothing as well, so if you have a tall husband, you can bring him too.

Pretty Tall Shop-3844

I guess I’ve found a new place for some after work spending and I’m very pleased to have a tall shop so conveniently located. Congrats (and thank you) to Inez and her team on this next step in providing more choice for tall people.

Pretty Tall Shop-3855

Inez is pictured on the right, the girl in the middle is her daughter and the girl on the left is one of the lovely shop assistants who helped me findย a white dress which accidentally ended up in that very cool bag on the left and went home with me…

For my foreign readers: if you visit NL or have a few hours layover in our airport, you mustย pay a visit to Pretty Tall. Don’t forget to let me know when you’re here, and I just might join you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pretty Tall Shop-3849

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    28 February 2016 at 13:24

    So fabulous(and dangerous?!?) that this new store is so close to you! Can’t wait to see the white dress you bought. Also, your photos beautifully capture the store and make me want to hop on a plane (or get in the car) and head there right now!

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