Pretty Tall Fashion – Styles from the Catwalk

In my previous post, I promised some more pics from the fashion show that Pretty Tall Fashion hosted last Sunday, so I’ll be sharing them in this post. Pretty Tall Fashion has something for everyone; men, women, whether you’re a tall teenager or a tall business (wo)man, you’re likely to find something here. All age-groups are looked after too. Owner Inez and her team did a great job showing this variety of styles on the catwalk. Come have a look!

As you perhaps know, I personally love dresses and I need to dress formal for work, so these two styles are perfect for that (in fact, I bought the white dress in February when I visited the shop for the opening… 🙂 )


I wonder if I’m too old for these two styles, look how gorgeous these girls look:

Pretty Tall

Mavi skinny jeans | Pumps by Gabor

Those legs! Those smiles!!

Pretty Tall fashion

Maxidress by Only M | Denim jacket by LTB | Sandals by Gabor

Love this colourful beachy look:

Pretty Tall Fashion

Top by Only M | Jeans shorts by LTB | Cardigan by Yest | Shoes by JJ Footwear

Some informal styles with pops of red:

Pretty Tall Fashion

Cardigan by Smashed Lemon | t-shirt and skinny jeans by Mavi

Pretty Tall Fashion

Red & blue blouse, blue top and skinny pants by Mavi | Pumps by Gabor

Pretty Tall Fashion

Left: Top and Jacket by Only M | White skinny jeans by Mavi | Sparkly sneakers by JJ Footwear                   Right: Top by Smash | Cardigan by Freequent | Trousers by MAC | | Pumps by Fitters.

Blue and white (and a shorty in the middle… 😉 )

Pretty Tall Fashion

Left: Complete outfit by Only M | pumps by Fitters  – Middle: Jacket by Only M | Blouse by Only M | Flared white jeans by MAC | Pumps by Fitters – Right: Blue/White dress by Only M

Neutrals for work; THAT dress again and maybe that top on the left came home too.

Pretty Tall fashion

Camel suit by Only M | Top by Freequent | Pumps van Fitters – Dress by Smashed Lemon | Pumps by Gabor

Shades of blue and green:

Pretty Tall Fashion

Dress by Smashed Lemon | Pumps by Sequoia.

Pretty Tall Fashion

She: Top by Only M | Cardigan by Yest | Grey skinny trousers by CMK | sneakers by Gabor                                  He: shirt by Girav, shorts by Alberto, slippers by O’Neill

See, I didn’t lie when I said something for everyone.  All these styles are available either in store or online, and don’t forget to let me know when you go to the store or if you need help translating the website!! 🙂


 Credits: All pictures taken by Angela Stouten Photography, apart from the collage with the 2 pics on top.
(Fun fact: my 5’6 mini-friend took those and she felt very uncomfortable throughout the show. Don’t know why. 😉 )


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    15 April 2016 at 20:54

    What a fun event! I love that there seemed to be different shapes, sizes and ages represented. I love that white dress on you! I think I also spotted the white Mavi jeans that I bought at Pretty Tall last April on one of the models. 🙂

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    21 April 2016 at 21:48

    Everyone looks so wonderful! Congratulations, and that white dress is stunning!!


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