An Incredible Gala Skirt

Marge Clothing Ball Gown Skirt

When you graduate secondary school in the Netherlands around the age of 16/17, your final year usually ends with a gala night (similar to Prom night in the U.S.A. I suppose). I never had mine as I took a bit of a detour on way to my degree, nor did I have any gala event of any sort after. So when I registered for Europatreffen (the European Tall People gathering I went to in Nuremberg this weekend), I was very excited to tick the “attend Gala evening” button, but then I panicked a bit. What to wear?

I cried for help on twitter and though I got some useful tips from the amazing tall community, I had an epiphany in the mean time. A bit over a year ago, before launching the first collection, I saw this amazing ball gown skirt on the website of MARGE Clothing that I really loved! Only one slight problem: as it was from a previous collection, I had no idea if there was any way to get my hands on one.

Marge Clothing

Sewn and modelled by Kaersten herself!

There was only one way to find out: I e-mailed the lovely Kaersten Cooper, founder of MARGE clothing my question, and I was so excited to find out that they still had the skirt! It was from a concept collection, so there is only one. Extra special: it was sewn by Kaersten herself, so it truly is a unique, one of a kind piece, made with love and care.

Marge Ballgown skirt
The fabric is amazing and the colours are just so bright and vibrant. I wanted to wear something with touches of orange to refer to my Dutch roots, and this piece does exactly that.

Marge Ballgown skirt-5893
It even has a bit of a train, which I love.

Marge Ballgown skirt-5899

I paired the skirt with a top from Miss Selfridge and nude sandals from Michael Kors.

Marge Ballgown skirt-5922
A big thanks to Beth (Tall Fashion Adventures) for taking the pics! She looked stunning herself, as the Lady in Red.

Marge Ballgown skirt-5925
The ball was an interesting experience, we clearly missed the memo that indicated that a few lessons in ballroom dancing would come in handy, so we amused ourselves watching people foxtrotting away.

Marge Ballgown skirt-5931
Sallee (the founder of Tall Guides) joined us at our table too, so the 6’2ft club was all together.

File 09-05-2016, 19 29 29
I never ever wanted to take the skirt off, but it was time to go to bed after a nightcap in the hotel bar. My feet agreed.

Marge Ballgown skirt-5904
I’m incredibly honoured and touched by the kind gift of MARGE Clothing, I felt so feminine and I was proud to be able to wear this amazing piece.
Thank you, Kaersten. Xoxo.

So, where is the next ball or gala I can wear it to? 🙂

Marge Ballgown skirt-5916
PS. Keep an eye out, more MARGE coming soon! 🙂

Marge Ballgown skirt-5867


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    9 May 2016 at 21:50

    That skirt is beyond gorgeous! And who knew there were groups for tall women! I am 6’0″ tall and have always felt a little left out! Looking forward to following you for more tips on tall-women friendly clothing. Also any information you can send me on groups to look into would be super awesome! Thanks in advance!

    • Reply
      Tall Wife
      10 May 2016 at 12:07

      Thanks for your kind words, and happy to be of help! There’s a great online community of tall women, all with their own style and ideas on various (tall) topics! I’ve listed my favorite ones here: //

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    10 May 2016 at 01:36

    Gorgeous gorgeous skirt. The colors are truly stunning and there’s nothing like wearing a custom made piece. The gala looks wonderful, so happy to hear you all had a wonderful time!


  • Reply
    Tall Wife
    10 May 2016 at 12:09

    Thank you Lauren! It’s an amazing skirt indeed, and in a custom made outfit, you feel even more special! 🙂 We had a great time! xx

  • Reply
    Allison @ The Tall Mama
    12 May 2016 at 04:37

    This skirt is absolutely stunning! I can’t believe Kaersten made it, she’s so talented!! I hope you have many more chances to wear it! x Allison

  • Reply
    15 May 2016 at 11:22

    It was SO fun to get all dressed up for the night and I just loved seeing you strut your stuff in this amazingly gorgeous skirt. I agree with Allison – I hope you get to wear it again!

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