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Earlier this month, while you were busy posting pictures for the #TallTravelStyle contest for which I teamed up with MARGE clothing and my blogger-friend Beth from TallFashionAdventures,  I took the opportunity to ask a few questions to Kaersten Cooper, founder of MARGE. I was curious to hear how this exciting first year has been for MARGE from a designer point of view and I also wanted to show you another outfit. So sit back, relax and come join me for a read!


You might remember I interviewed Kaersten last summer after the launch of the first collection, so one year, two lovely collections and a ‘special occasion’ line later I asked Kaersten how MARGE has been growing as a brand since the launch last year.

KAERSTEN: We’re growing at such a rate it is hard to keep up! It’s a wonderful opportunity to have, as we are working hard to keep our clients all over the world happy and excited about our brand and our products. In short, over the past year we’ve grown our product offering, size offering and price ranges. We’ve dressed celebrities, shown at events, pop-ups and private trunk shows and we’ll be growing our visibility in local and international boutiques and retailers as well! It’s been a whirlwind, but what we are most excited about is encouraging tall women everywhere to embrace and enjoy their Life Up Here and always, Wear Life Well!

MARGE - Ada and kamilla-5065

I’m wearing the flattering Ada top and very long Kamilla Pants (heels are Michael Kors)

Over the year, we’ve seen MARGE create a number of great initiatives to guide us through our tall shopping challenges, for instance the very helpful ‘From the Fitting room’ series, available on youtube now. It explains what areas specifically we should pay attention to when fitting different types of clothing on our tall frames.

Were there things you did very differently for the 2nd collection than for the first?
Yes and no. We definitely embraced a more playful and broader color story, whereby certain styles were offered in two or more color ways. Plus we expanded our fabric offering with lux, high-end knits and wovens. However, as in previous collections, we kept alive our tradition of designing custom colors and exclusive prints, in-house by the MARGE Design Team. And, we stayed true to offering a well-balanced array and versatility of styles, ranging from tailored and fitted to relaxed and draped.
We understand that the MARGE Woman requires clothing that can both compliment her frame and her lifestyle. So, we designed a collection that would effortlessly move with her – day to night, work to play.

MARGE - Ada and Kamilla-5078

This top perfectly doubles as a top I’d wear with a jacket in the day to the office, and wear for sunny after work wines without the jacket.

What was your inspiration for the resort line?
So, just prior to designing the Summer/Resort collection, I had randomly come across some photos I had taken while on holiday in Sardinia some years ago. The pictures brought back so many wonderful memories from that trip – I couldn’t help but be inspired by Sardinia’s elements: Colorful typography, vibrant people, rich language and a boldness and pride derived from a unique history.


credits: Pinterest

What is your personal favorite piece?
With the Summer/Resort collection, I wanted to design with eye towards Sardinia’s “elements”. I wanted to further push the boundaries with custom colors, prints, shapes and styles in unique, one-of-a-kind fabrics. I guess you could say that this collection was a celebration of boldness – the notion that when worn, the clothing would evoke a vibrancy and sophistication every MARGE Woman embodies. My favorite piece would have to be the SABINE Jacquard Straight Leg Pants – incredibly unique and so much fun to wear!

Sabine Pant MARGE

I can see how the stunning waters surrounding Sardinia are a source of inspiration for the Sabine pants!

The first collection launched roughly a year ago. What achievement since then are you most proud of?
I can’t believe how quickly time flies. I am so grateful and blessed to be doing what I love to do. By way of MARGE, I have discovered an incredibly dynamic, supportive group of women (worldwide) of whom I have the utmost respect for and cherish dearly. This discovery alone has gifted me with unbridled joy, fulfillment and motivation to keep designing.

I am incredibly proud to have launched “A” collection! Whether the premiere, Holiday or Summer/Resort collection, bringing any style(s) to life, no matter the number is very challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. Given the newness of our name, revolutionary approach to fit and upmarket position on quality and design exclusively for tall women, I am simply humbled by the trust and support of our clients, partners and press, worldwide.

And what was your biggest learning?
The biggest learning for me and Team MARGE was to Embrace the highs. Learn from the lows. Stay present in today. Always and forever optimistically look forward.

MARGE - Kamilla

The Kamilla pant is effortless to wear and easy to pair!

You’ve had your first pop-up shop a few months ago. Having an online store only, how was it to meet your clients in person?
Simply fabulous and so much fun! We met so many incredible women – some of whom drove miles and miles to be at our event in San Francisco. Beautifully tall and excited our attendees were – so it was no surprise that the energy at the pop-up was nothing short of celebratory. Our premiere collection and many never before seen pieces were on display and promptly purchased by already loyal clients and clients new to MARGE. Overall, the weekend was incredibly successful – but it was the experience – the introductions and stories shared – that the MARGE Team and I cherished and will continue to cherish.

Love the Swoosh!

Who doesn’t love a bit of swoosh? The fabric of the Ada top is light as a feather on the wind.

Thank you, Kaersten, for taking time out of your busy day to share your inspiring  story with us once again!

On the MARGE Moments blog, we saw a sneak peek of what’s to come, but the next collection will be a surprise, so if you want to be kept informed about MARGE happenings through curated content and if you love receiving exclusive offers (I saw a sample sale is coming up!), sign up for their e-newsletter, Elevated Perspectives.

MARGE - Heidi and Camilla-4977

Top c/o MARGE

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    Allison @ The Tall Mama
    28 June 2016 at 08:33

    You look fabulous, as always! I have so much admiration for MARGE; not only for the gorgeous designs but for their commitment to ethical fabric production and manufacture. If only all companies had the MARGE values! x Allison

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