Tall Life: a book review

A few months ago, I got a request; if I wanted to have a pre-read of a book about all things tall. Sure, I wanted to do that, I was very curious to read it, as I never read a ‘tall book’ before. Sam Lochner, the author of “Tall Life”, is 6’7 himself, so he knows all the benefits and all the problems that come with being tall. Being an engineer and having received a PhD, he puts forward balanced views, both from a scientific angle and from personal experience.

Sam has written his book primarily to benefit tall people, so it’s not meant JUST for us, but it also aims to give people who work with tall people (like doctors or manufacturers)  some insight in the ‘Tall Life’. He covers all angles of being tall; evolution, scaling, ergonomics, growth, and society to name a few. I obviously was very interested in reading about the following three things.

1 The Dutch

“Dutch height has increased by about eight inches over the last one hundred fifty years as they soared past Americans. 70 And this has nothing to do with them trying to keep their heads above water.”

Obviously, when talking about height, it’s hard to get around the Dutch. Us being tall and all. 😉 It’s not all good news though, as Sam has a theory about how we may have reached our ‘full potential’ in terms of height.

2 Tall women & partners

“As much as some tall women may not wish to hear it, being open to dating a shorter man is the single best way to increase probabilities. This has some other added benefits too. To begin with, it makes it possible to be selective for qualities that are more important in the modern world, including similar interests, personality, intelligence, humor, job etc.”

He has much more to say about this subject, but this is obviously the bit that I found most interesting, and I can only encourage tall women who are looking for love not to judge on height alone. Plus, and Sam confirms this too, shorter men who are OK with a ‘Taller Wife’ 😉 are likely to be confident men. And Sam is a scientist, so he knows! 😉

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3 Tall Women and Society

“But as we move into the 21st century, a marked decrease in society’s preference for short women is taking place. This has been pushed along by the gradual transition towards workplace gender neutrality. Like men, women’s value in the workplace has been found to benefit from increased stature. Additionally, new prestigious roles have arisen which confer advantages to tall women, examples being in modelling and athletics.”

And I agree with Sam, times do have changed. Let’s not forget: it’s very easy to connect with Tall Girls from all over the world nowadays through various social media platforms and blogs, giving you access to a lot of like-minded women who are happy to share tips, tricks and experiences, and mostly, who are supportive of each other as they understand both the positive and negative aspects of being a tall female.

Two of my three highlights are focussed on the female side of being tall, but the male side of it, is being dealt with thoroughly too; the book has much more to offer than my highlights only and it makes for an interesting read. Sam has clearly done his research and has given us a great resource, so if you are up for a read on all things tall, you can order it here! Enjoy!

Tall Life
All quotes and pictures used with permission of the author.


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    Thanks Karen, great insights!!

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    Sounds really interesting! Thanks for the review

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