Stating the obvious

Generally, it is considered rude to comment on people’s appearance. You don’t go ‘round telling people that they’re short or fat for instance. For being tall, there seems to be an exception. People have no reluctance whatsoever in stating the obvious and pointing out that I am tall. As if I had not yet noticed myself. Granted, usually comments are meant positively, so I do always respond patient and friendly, but I still never know what to say.

‘OMG, you are so tall!’
‘Yes, I know, thank you.’
(Why do I even say ‘Thank you’? It’s not like I heard anything new. Plus I don’t even know if they mean it as a compliment. Maybe they’re scared. Or horrified. :))

Just for giggles, replace the word ‘tall’ by the word ‘fat’ or ‘short’ and see how that sounds…

By now, I am used to getting stares occasionally. In Europe, and especially in NL where I live, tall women are more common anyway, so there’s not too much staring. In Asia however, this is a different story for obvious reasons. I often experience people stopping in the streets, pointing at me, and then start laughing, to my face. Or people ‘secretly’ taking pictures.

Over the years, I have learned to take pride I my tall appearance; I will stand tall, always, unless I am in a bar with friends of the shorter kind who I can’t hear otherwise. Plus, I will wear heels if I want to, as 6.2ft or 6.6ft does not make a difference anymore anyway.

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