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48h in Mexico City

Early March, I had to travel to Mexico City on a 2 day business trip. Normally, I try to stay a bit longer if I have the opportunity when travelling somewhere I have not been before, but this time, that was not possible unfortunately. So out on Tuesday, back on Friday, with two 12h flights in between. I’m not complaining, as I get to see the world while I work, so I consider myself lucky. An upgrade would have been nice though. ๐Ÿ˜‰


So, off to Mexico I went with a few colleagues. Being in meetings for 2 days, meant little time to look around. I found 2 hours to stroll around the area surrounding the hotel, and luckily, the host organised a bus tour before dinner, so at least we got to see something, albeit a whistle stop tour.

concert hall

I was a bit hesitant about Mexico City due to it’s pretty bad image with regards to safety, but I didn’t feel unsafe. My hotel was in an area with lots of businesses around, so maybe that helped. Obviously, I did get looks on the streets, and I still have not figured out whether that was because of my height, or because I had the courage to wear a skirt, showing my very white legs. So pale in fact, they must have been blinding. ๐Ÿ™‚



I stayed at theย Marquis Reforma Hotel on Paseo de la Reformaย and I reviewed it as follows:

When I first entered the hotel, I was a bit blinded by the marble flooring and the mirrored walls. The decor is not really my style and a bit outdated, but when you look through this, you will find a well-equipped hotel with very friendly and professional staff.

The rooms are decent sized, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a ‘minibar’ that also contained some aspirins as I was about to get a cold. It took me a few minutes to figure out how the shower worked, as it had 2 shower heads and various buttons and it was unclear what belonged where (but that also could have been me…:). A lovely rain shower made up for this though.

The hotel has various restaurants, the Japanese one was my favourite, lovely sushi there, and great cappuccino (though that is not typically Japanese, but still a great cappu nonetheless…)! They bring a nice little thing to your table to hang your bag (or jacket) on, that’s the kind of attention to detail that I like!


The gym is well equipped as well! Enough fitness equipment, A nice pool, plus a hair salon and manicure salon.


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