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Dutch Height vs. British Charm

men I just read this Article on why the Dutch are so tall. So what have we learned? I had every chance of finding a tall man in my OWN country… Yet, off I went to the (Buckingham) Shire, found myself a Hobbit. Guess I prefer a Charming British Accent Gentleman over a Less Charming but Tall                                                                                                      Dutch Man.

Gotta get your priorities straight! 🙂

Picture credits: Pinterest


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    […] There seems to have been a lot to do about the Dutch being tall lately. I mean, I know we are ‘famous’ for our height, but I feel there has been more attention for ‘us’ Tall Dutchies in the last few months. Or maybe it is selective perception as I have only recently started this blog and am more involved in the ‘tall community’ as I was before. […]

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    […] the Hobbit, who closely Monitors BBC, sent the link to me of the item they shot, so I wanted to share that with you too: click here to […]

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