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Preparing for… Shanghai!

I am traveling to Shanghai soon for a work trip. I have never been to China so I’m excited! I’m just not looking forward to the flight. I have done so many long-hauls recently, and I’ve become a bit nervous about flying I noticed. Fingers crossed for an upgrade. This doesn’t help with nervousness, but it does help with comfort.

Those last days before travelling, I always have to plan my washing / dry cleaning carefully to get everything ready in time. I like to travel efficiently, preferably hand luggage only, but a week in Shanghai plus everything I have to take for work won’t allow for that I’m afraid. Advantage of check-in luggage is that I can bring shampoo etc. in its own packaging without fiddling with minis and hoping I’ve brought enough…

Tonight I have kept free to prepare my Shanghai wardrobe; in my head I know what to take, but I need to walk through the days to make sure I bring something for all events (various meetings and dinners / free time / travel). I always struggle with shoes: I love to work out when travelling as it helps dealing with my jet lag but my trainers take up a lot of space! Plus I need to bring a pair of flats for walking around, a pair of black heels (or maybe 2?) for business attire as they go with everything.

I hope the Hobbit can fill my iPad with TV shows to binge on during the flight if I can’t sleep! 🙂

I will also start mentally preparing for stares; being a tall girl in Europe is one thing, but in Asia, they take staring to a whole different level.

I will keep you updated on my thoughts on Shanghai, and if you have any tips on what to see and do and where to eat, do leave a comment!

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