Comfy Airtravel

Travelling a lot means making sure you are comfortable on a plane, regardless of what class you are travelling in. In order to do this, I have created a ‘packing routine’ for myself that works very well for me.


Organize, Organize, Organize
I travel with various small zip bags for everything, I hate stuff floating around in my bag, plus it makes it easy to find things. I have a bag for mini-liquids, one for non-liquid make up, one for cables, one for hair bands, even one for my traveldocs: passport, priority card, ticket, boarding pass, etc. Oh, and a pen for filling out landing cards. My jewelry goes in a pouch, ALWAYS in my hand luggage.

liquids in bag

Eating and drinking
Food on airplanes, especially in economy, isn’t always the best. Depending on the airline, I sometimes bring my own food: a few whole wheat crackers, a hardboiled egg, an avocado, some salad and a teabag (if you are fussy like me) can easily be brought in your hand luggage. Just make sure you finish it before landing or leave it on the airplane as some countries are a bit particular about bringing food in.

Flying dehydrates you so make sure you drink plenty to stay hydrated. Alcohol is not a good idea from the hydration point of view, but life is for living, so one cheeky glass of wine on a long haul to take the edge off or to celebrate your holiday won’t do much harm.

Make sure you have your partner load your favorite films or series on your iPad/laptop. Plug in your Bose noise cancelling earphones and you’ll feel like you’re in the cinema. Sort of. Needless to say it helps to charge everything beforehand (yes, it has happened to me as well, empty batteries before even boarding the aircraft.)


Sleeping, or maybe not?
When travelling West, try to stay awake as long as you can on a long day flight, and if you do sleep, try to only take a nap. When you are travelling East on a night flight, do try to get a proper night of sleep.

The obvious items of choice for this are earplugs and an eye mask (or several if you want to make them match your outfit… 😉 ). Rather than sleeping under an airline blanket, bring your own poncho / scarf / pashmina: it’s comfy, and you are SURE it’s been washed. This is handy to have with you anyway, for when it is cold on the plane. I bring my own travel pillow for the same hygienic reasons, plus a pair of socks, as I don’t like wearing shoes during a long flight.

Tip: make sure you take off your shoes AFTER take off when the seatbelt sign is switched off, and put them back on BEFORE landing; most airplane accidents happen during take off or landing, and you don’t want to be running through debris barefoot. Just sayin’…

I wish you a safe and pleasant journey. 🙂


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