Shaping up: Inspiration to stay motivated

breakfast In June, the Hobbit and I have an awesome holiday planned to lake Como in Italy. It involves a great apartment on the lake, renting a boat for a day, some nice dinners, wine tasting, it’s going to be a treat.
Obviously, I want to take some awesome pics, preferably with both of us looking good. This combined with the fact that we have been a bit lazy lately, plus we have been allowing ourselves too many unhealthy treats, Hobbit and I decided we need to get into shape again.

We were very much in shape for our wedding on Mauritius 2 years ago, but then I fell off the health wagon a little bit. I still maintained some work out routine, but secretly, some kilo’s found their way to my belly and bottom, and they need to go.

So the work our regime needs to be taken to the next level. Having beenΒ an enthusiastic runner for a few years, I picked that up again this morning. I still was able to run 5k, albeit in slower pace, so that’s a good start. The gym will get a few more visits too, as I like to combine running with Pilates, swimming and even some weights to tone up a bit. Looking at new work-out gear always gets me motivated, so I did some browsing today and was inspired by these gorgeous items:

As for food, I am finding inspiration for healthy, clean and honest food from my favourite food bloggers, including and Ottolenghi also inspires me with his very tasty recipes.

So, I’ll be back to oats for breakfast, water and tea for drinks, fruit for snacks. Just sensible eating really. I do believe that if you eat healthy 70%/80% of the time, you should be able to have a nice dinner or a glass of wine over the weekend. Life is for living after all.

Any tips on what works for you to get (or stay) motivated? I’d love to hear about it!



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    Beth @
    28 April 2015 at 11:59

    I’ve been meaning to put a call out on Twitter and FB asking people how they stay motivated to work out too! I’ve tried lots of different things – buying new workout clothes, doing various fitness challenges, using workout apps. I’ve also tried making goals and spreadsheets to track the goals which sometimes helps. I’ve found that the main thing that works for me is finding fun classes, making a friend in the class, and then hoping that friend guilts me into going if I’m being flaky. My self-motivation for working out alone is TERRIBLE. I will literally find every excuse in the book why I don’t feel like exercising which is why I like the accountability of a group class. Lately, I’ve also been talking myself through it. I say “Self…will you be mad or happy if you don’t work out?” Of course, the answer is mad if I don’t and happy if I do. Sometimes, I have to ask myself this question several times before finally getting my buns out the door. haha! I also completely agree with the eating light 70-80% and then allowing yourself some splurges. My husband and I LOVE trying new restaurants, but we both also want to stay fit so we definitely follow this philosophy. Your trip to Lake Como sounds absolutely amazing!

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    Tall Wife
    28 April 2015 at 16:45

    I really need motivation as well; now the weather is getting better I find it less hard to go outside and run, but the gym still is a ‘thing’ to go to. Luckily, my husband goes to the same one, so when we are both into it, we do motivate each other.

    My favorite motivational quote on this subject is:
    ‘The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now.’
    So trading that flat belly for a chocolate bar for instance, or for watching a TV program rather than going to the gym.

    We love trying new places to eat as well, and I am all for living healthily, but if you don’t allow yourself some treats every now and then, I think it’s even harder to maintain a regime/diet/lifestyle, as you more and more want the things you deny yourself.

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