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Awesome Tall Girls Part I: Gwendoline Christie


Obviously, us tall girls always notice other tall girls anywhere; on the street, in a shop, in a crowd or on-screen; we stand out. Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones, definitely stands out for me as one of the most epic tall girls out there. Have you seen how she kicked ass in the first episode of the brand new season of GOT which aired last night?

I love the character she plays; the loyalty and sense of righteousness she has, sometimes to her own demise maybe. Also, the way she still shows her vulnerable, insecure side, even though her appearance implies something else, is great.

gwendoline-christie (1)

Her role in Game of Thrones is anything but feminine; she place a tough warrior, even refuses to be called a ‘lady’, though she is entitled to that title by birth. In 2015, she was casted for a role in Star Wars. She plays Phasma, who is the commander of the First Order’s force of stormtroopers. Again, not a very girly character.


I saw a few interviews with her, and she comes across as a fun, bubbly, outgoing girl (we were born in the same year, so I reserve the right to call her ‘girl’) who is completely at ease with her height.

Even though she’s casted for quite masculine roles, her red-carpet style is very feminine, and so are the pictures I’ve seen of her in magazines.

She proves that just because you are not within the norm of what ‘society’ considers ‘sexy’ or ‘feminine’, doesn’t mean you can’t be.  I for one think she is very stylish, edgy and ladylike. I’m hoping she leads the way for more tall actresses to land bigger roles. 

you know nothing Jon Snow

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