Hunting for the perfect Maxi-dress

maxiWhen it comes to Maxi-dresses, my friends always push me to try them on and to wear them, “because you are so tall, and it will look great on you!” Well, some do and some don’t. I once went on holiday to Israel, Palestine and Jordan, and wanted a maxi dress to be decently covered up in countries that require women to dress a bit more conservatively. I decided this 3 days before my holiday, so I bought one online last-minute, and that wasn’t a success.

It turned out to be a floral potato bag, which made me look at least 5 months pregnant. The upside was that the pictures afterwards did motivate me to go to the gym. But the dress had to go.

Lesson learned; outfit planning for holidays starts a bit earlier. With a holiday in Como coming up late June, I am looking around for nice maxi dresses now. Dresses that make me look instantly like Giselle or Karlie and, at the same time, make me look like I belong on a local market buying olive oil, oregano, wine and fresh fish in fluent Italian. I do realize that ‘belonging’ on a local market in Italy is quite hard when the average Italian is the size of my legs, but hey, at least I am making an effort… 🙂

I found a few nice ones online which I am considering, and my thoughts are as follows, from left to right:
1. I’m not sure about those horizontal stripes, as they add a few kilo’s visually, but I like the color scheme
2. I love love love the color, but I am not sure if I can pull the neckline off as I wasn’t exactly first in line at the boob department, plus it might make my wide, square  shoulders look even wider and more square.
3. I like the shape of the dress, but the color is a bit boring maybe
4. I love this color, but I am not sure about strap-less for the same reasons as indicated with dress number 2; it might slip down and I don’t want to be pulling it up all the time when I am strolling around my local market tasting olives.

Any thoughts you want to share on this, fellow tall ladies? 🙂

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    Beth @
    6 May 2015 at 20:06

    Floral potato bag. O dear! You had me giggling with that description. Ahhh yes…the never ending search for the illusive perfect tall maxi. I like #s 1, 3 and 4. The neckline on #1 appeals to me most and I like the print but I also love the color of #4. A holiday in Israel, Palestine and Jordan!I bet that was quite the trip.

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      Tall Wife
      6 May 2015 at 21:03

      Exactly, dress #1 in color #4, great idea. 🙂 A new hunt has started!!

      That holiday was amazing; I am thinking about writing a few trip reviews of trips that we’ve done over the last years, as a side project… 🙂

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    11 May 2015 at 18:45

    I’m not a lover of them personally. I think they extend our length more than necessary. However, if worn then I would wear with a wide chunky belt, chunky necklace to mid bust with bracelets to break up the expanse of colour.
    MTW x

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    Tall Wife
    11 May 2015 at 20:46

    Hi! Thanks for your thoughts: I’ve never been bothered by extending my length, I do see your point on creating a ‘colour block’ though, so I like your suggestion to break it up a bit. Or even consider a maxi skirt in stead! Thanks for thinking with me! 🙂

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