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closet The apartment we live in is not that big, so consequently, we have limited wardrobe space. With a hobbit-husband who loves shopping more than eating, and myself with a healthy interest in clothing and fashion as well, we are running out of space. Until we move to a bigger place, I have to think about what I buy and what needs hanging, as I simply don’t have space.


So this weekend, I had to say goodbye to two hardly worn pieces: a white blazer with lace arms; only worn it once; I liked it for the lace details, but the rest of the fabric looked a bit cheap and wrinkly after washing it once. So it’s a pity, but not a huge loss.

I also decided to say goodbye to a recently bought Missoni dress. I bought quite a few dresses over the last years and this was one of my latest finds. I got it at a huge discount, so I was very pleased with it.When fitting it at home, it was fine; surprisingly, it was long enough standing in front of the mirror (it is an Italian brand after all that doesn’t really aim at tall women).

Then I wore it to work; when sitting down it’s all still OK. However, when walking around, it rides up! It becomes a mini dress, lovely for in a club maybe, but not suitable for work. Plus pulling it down all the time simply looks silly. So it has to go. I will put this one on eBay though as I’ve had it for only a few months and worn it twice. It’s a shame to say goodbye to hardly worn items, but it needs to make space for something I will wear (and it makes a great excuse for shopping for a new dress… 😉 )


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    Beth @
    14 May 2015 at 18:08

    Good for you for not hanging onto nice clothing items when they don’t fit. I sometimes struggle to make the ultimate decision of donating or selling an ill-fitting item. Your post reminded me of when I was single and living at the beach in a teensy tiny little one-room studio. I can’t even think of the right adjectives to describe how small my closet was so now that you mention it, I think I did only keep/buy clothing that I absolutely loved. Then again, I was living at the beach. Apart from my work clothes, all I really needed were sundresses, skirts, sandals, tanks. Those don’t take up much space. 🙂

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    Tall Wife
    14 May 2015 at 20:13

    I normally always donate everything to charity (or to my tall cousins), but this dress is literally brand new. I will try to resell it first; if that doesn’t work, I can always donate it! 🙂

    Can imagine that you don’t need a lot of clothes living on the beach, sounds great!! Our wintercoats always move to our storage during summer as we don’t have space to keep everything up here.
    One day, that walk-in closet will get realized, when we move to a proper grown up people house… 😉

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