My new Camera

cam with strapSo now I am getting really into this blog, and everything that comes with it (Instagram, Twitter), I thought it was time to up my camera game. I must be driving the Hobbit crazy as I have started taking pictures of everything ‘because it could be useful for the blog’; food, restaurants, shops, flowers, outfits, shoes, stuffed animals, olive oil. Nothing is safe.

I currently do this with my iPhone 5, which has a decent camera and is perfect for on the go, but I actually do enjoy taking pictures and thinking about the best way to do it, so I thought it was time to get a decent camera.

I asked the Hobbit for advice as he knows what he is talking about when it comes to this: he has semi-professional camera gear that I don’t dare to touch, and he is quite into it. He is more into the technicalities of the picture-taking and is patiently waiting for the perfect sunset for hours, whereas I am more about taking pictures on the go of ‘scenes’ I run into spontaneously, vibrant colors or taking pics from a different angles.

I was after a camera that wasn’t too complicated to use. I am a beginner and do not (yet πŸ˜‰ ) have the ambition to do award-winning photography; taking decent pictures for this blog is what I want, so we spontaneously popped into a camera shop to have a look at what they had in store, without any intention of buying a camera.

We had our eye on the Canon EOS M3, as this is not too big or too heavy, will fit in a handbag if need be, and isn’t complicated to operate. With an adapter, it would also fit the lenses the Hobbit already has, so I could use those too if I want to in future. On paper, it was a winner already. This particular model was available at the shop. I looked at it, I held it, I tried it, I liked it, and suddenly I stepped out of the shop with a brand new camera. It was a winner indeed. The hobbit was very generous and gave me a good deal, so I am forever grateful, and now I need to get my camera game on!

Next stop is buying a mirror so I can start taking decent pictures of my Karen MillenΒ birthday gift and my outfits, but for now, Β I am off playing with this gorgeous new baby:





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    Beth @
    26 May 2015 at 10:52

    How fun! I love how you said nothing is safe from you taking a photo of it. Hah! I feel that way sometimes too, and I’m pretty sure it drives my husband batty half the time. I still need to learn more about my DSLR camera. I have a Nikon with a few lenses, have taken a 2 hour photo class and have looked around for tips online but there is SO MUCH to know and remember. I tend to just play with the settings, take a bajillion shots, and hope for a few good ones. Good luck with your new camera!

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    Tall Wife
    28 May 2015 at 09:57

    Thanks! I mainly use the green button (automatic) as I do not know yet what all the other things mean. The Hobbit knows what he is doing though, so he can help me! I do need to get used to processing my pics though, as I never did that (maybe an instagram filter, but that was it). It does really enhance the pics, but I am not so patient…. πŸ™‚

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