Seven Fashion Sins

sinEver since becoming more aware of my own appearance and making an effort to dress nice, I have also become more aware of what, in my eyes, fashion mistakes are. Generally, I am not impressed with how Dutch women dress, obviously there are a few exceptions, but we are not famous for our great fashion sense.Β I have made a list of seven fashion sins that I often notice around me. I am sure not all of them are typically Dutch and that there are a few we all recognize regardless of where we live.

Here we go:

1. Wearing an outdoorsy jacket over a dress. Your Northface is for hikes in the Welsh mountains ladies, NOT for wearing with a dress. Yes, it rains a lot here in NL, but that is why they have invented ubers trench-coats.Β May I advise one of those perhaps?

2. Flared pants that are too short. I recently learned that in English these are also called ‘high water’ pants. I know it’s hard to find them for long legs; I also know we live below sea level and that we should be wary of floods, but you will have other things to worry about if that happens, so please make sure your trousers are long enough. Thank you.

3. Dress for the size you have, not for the size you want. Buying that top one size bigger so it actually fits might give your ego a crack for 10 minutes, but it will give your appearance a boost for as long as you own that piece and it will probably make you look thinner too. Win-Win.

4. Shoes. Dutch ladies, your shoes are often quite unflattering. There, I have said it. I know that we have been raised to be practical and that flat shoes are more comfy for running to the train / walking around in town but get a decent pair of flats. Wear your hiking boots together with your Northface jacket on your hiking trip to Wales. NOT when you are walking to work. See, cute flats shoes do exist too:


5. When going for a night out, it is OK to dress up. Really. Leave your jeans and comfy shoes at home, and put on that nice dress and your favorite heels for once. I know, you have been told over and over ‘to be normal because that is crazy enough’, but it is time to move away from that. You are gorgeous, your legs are endless, so show it off!

6. Dry your hair. Or wash it the night before. Yes, of course it will dry eventually, but do you really want to start that meeting with wet hair, making everybody think you got up too late (read; are not well-organized)? Plus, you stand out already, so you better stand out with awesome hair! Make an effort!

7. Occasionally, choose quality over quantity. Invest in a few nice, versatile pieces. This is challenging when you are Dutch like me, as generally, we find spending hard, especially on ourselves (have I really deserved this dress / top / skirt?). I had to learn this as it is very tempting to buy 3/4/5 cheaper pieces for the price of that one nice dress. I am not saying your whole wardrobe needs to be replaced with designer items, but a few good quality items that you can combine with the other items in your closet will give your outfit just that little bit extra.Β True story.

Just out of curiosity: What ‘sins’ do you see happening in your neck of the woods?

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    28 May 2015 at 04:37

    Love these! Universal, but I’m guilty of some of them some of the time. Trying to dress better! I’m sick of ladies wearing tights like they are pants. Those yoga or running tights were probably very expensive but doesn’t that make them proper attire to wear all over town. At least wear a top that covers your rear! Work out clothes everywhere, all day.

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      Tall Wife
      28 May 2015 at 09:37

      Hi Melissa,
      I have sinned in the past as well, still learning… We will get there eventually! πŸ™‚ I agree on the work-out clothes; they are for the gym, not for when you go shopping!! Plus leggings in general belong on that list too!

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    28 May 2015 at 07:23

    Great! Made me laugh

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    antesAltaquesinsilla (@aAltaqsinsilla)
    28 May 2015 at 13:00

    Can’t stop laughing!! Amazing post!! Very universal thoughts but you perfectly described Dutch women. It was very shocking to me when I lived in Amsterdam to see that women didn’t dry their hair despite the cold weather, I’m Spanish.. so I only allow myself to go out with my hair still wet during summer.
    I’ll share this post, its basic for any woman!! Keep on the great job!!


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      Tall Wife
      28 May 2015 at 13:28

      Thanks Paty! I am guilty of the wet hair thing too, I must admit. I do not do that anymore, but I did in the past. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing it! πŸ™‚

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