Why Men Lie about their Height

lie menNext week, I will be travelling for a meeting abroad. Part of that meeting is a group photo with 20 predominantly male top executives. This needs to be done quick and smooth, name cards will be placed on the floor so everyone will know where to stand. In order to arrange this properly, and avoid a shorter person standing behind a taller person, I had to find out how tall (or short) everyone is. 


I contacted their staff, and today, two of them replied to me in an interesting way. First by e-mail saying Person X was 5’8, and then 5 mins after the e-mail, I received a call, saying that he was actually 5’7, but that they had been instructed to tell me the person was 5’8. And this happened TWICE in a 4 hour time frame.

I understand that the height issue (or actually, the lack thereof) is as much a thing for shorter men as being tall is for us tall ladies. Yet being tall as a woman is often seen as something strong and positive, whereas being short as a man is often seen as a weakness and something negative. I do not agree with this (I think personality makes you a strong or weak person, not your height), so I hate to say it, but it’s true that this is the general opinion on the matter.

In this article that I found on Men’s Health it is explained a bit more:
‘Height is a measure of male virility, it’s the ability to provide, the ability to be a strong man in society. So it becomes something that we must defend.”

I was a little bit surprised (or naive perhaps) that some shorter men would actually go to the lengths of making their staff lie about something as obvious and visible as their height. You would think that people of this level should realize that we will actually see on the picture how tall (or short) they really are. Especially when they are not in the picture because they are stood behind a taller person…

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Found it here by Nishant Choksi


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    Beth @ LongLeggy.com
    8 June 2015 at 09:07

    Wow! What an interesting little psychology experiment you stumbled upon here. I never thought about the fact that the “height issue” would be just as important to a shorter man as it is to a tall woman. Now that you mention it, it makes sense. I wholeheartedly agree with your point that personality makes one a strong or weak person, not height or other physical attributes. I hope the photo shoot went off without a hitch!

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      Tall Wife
      11 June 2015 at 22:56

      I was aware in a way, being with a shorter man, but I never realized that this was that much of an issue in business for certain men. Every day is a schoolday I guess… 🙂 The shoot went perfect! 🙂

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