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Florida Part I: Miami Beach

While I write this, I am still a bit off the clock: I arrived back from Florida yesterday, where I spent 5 days working in Miami Beach, and 2 days visiting a friend who lives close to Tampa (read all about this in Florida Part II). Because I was working, I stayed mainly in and around my hotel and didn’t have many exciting adventures. In Addition, I don’t think it is appropriate to lie on the beach as if I were on holiday during a business trip, but I will get back on this later. First, let me tell you about Miami Beach in this post.

I had been to Miami Beach for 24 hours in January to prepare for this trip, but that was it. This time, I got to spend a bit more time here. Thanks to the jet-lag I had upon arrival I got to do a few pretty awesome early morning runs which I enjoyed, and I had one morning off to explore Lincoln Street, a main shopping street in Miami Beach (priorities, right! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

untitled (2 of 5)

I stayed at the Royal Palm Hotel, close to Ocean Drive. Miami Beach does not really cater for the business traveler in my opinion; it is a typical beach holiday area, and it has all facilities for this: beach, palms, sunshine, shops, bars. For people in suits attending a business meeting, it caters not so much. The location was chosen by a third-party, so I had to go with their choice, and I guess there are worse places to be sent to.


The hotel had a typical beach-style decoration; white, crisp decor, combined with wooden details. It’s one of the few hotels that did not waste space on a bath tub, but had a huge shower area, with a Tall People Proof Shower, which I liked. The bed was also long enough and quite comfi. The hotel do need to work on a few details; long waiting time at reception desk, they had not finished cleaning my room when I arrived but they did give me the key as they did not know that at the front desk, long waits for lunch to be served, etc. Not that impressed.


My observations of Miami Beach in general were mixed. I liked the laid back vibe, the sunshine, the lovely temperature at night, and the mojitos. I also liked the typical Miami style Art Deco houses and the lovely pastels they were painted in. I disliked the fact that walking anywhere in your bikini is perfectly acceptable, no matter what your size is. I for one prefer a bit more modesty, whether you are a size XS or XL. Not too much to ask to slip into a dress when you go shopping or eating in a restaurant, is it?

art deco

Miami is a very outgoing, extrovert place; loud music from cars, bars, and on the beach, everyone seems to be in party mode, which is quite fun to observe. If you are a people watcher like me, you will have enough to see. It’s hard to get grumpy here I guess. This also makes it feel a bit superficial, it’s all about seeing and being seen.

I don’t think I will be going back to Miami Beach soon; been there, done that, no need to see it again. If I go back to Florida, I defo want to make time to drive to Key West, as that drive is supposedly gorgeous, according to the Hobbit.

I was more impressed with what I saw a bit further up North in the Tampa area, which you can read about here; below I share a few more pics of Miami Beach.

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outside chairs


Beach house


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    12 June 2015 at 23:12

    Love the pics. And yes, the drive to Key West is gorgeous, all the causeways… I went at Christmas and saw the Southernmost Christmas tree, lol.

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      Tall Wife
      12 June 2015 at 23:25

      Thanks! Yeah, I do regret not taking an extra day to do this drive now, but well.

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    13 June 2015 at 20:50

    The hotel looks quite good, but you are absolutely right with the criticsm about missing facilities for business travelers. All the hotels I stayed at in Miami Beach so far, were not suitable for business travelers. Maybe, you need to stay in the city center instead…

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