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Maxi Dress Review: Calvin Klein

Dress-0230Today was the perfect day to finally wear my Calvin Klein Maxi Dress and make my second outfit post all about this piece! As you maybe know, I had been looking for one for a while, and a few weeks back, I finally found one during my trip to Florida. At the moment, we are on holiday in Italy, and today we took a boat trip to Varenna. Varenna is a cute village on lake Como, so it was the perfect opportunity to wear it and to take some pictures with a gorgeous backdrop.

Let me start with being honest; when I looked at the pics, I must admit that the dress was a bit shorter than I thought when I bought it. I guess the view from above is not the same as the view from a distance, plus pictures are (obviously) static, and when looking at the dress in a mirror, it is moving constantly, so I didn’t pay enough attention. Ideally, I would have wanted one that reached to the ground, but I am not that bothered as the dress moves anyway when walking around.


The fabric is very light, which is perfect for summer; to avoid it being see through all the way, it has sort of mini dress underneath it that ends halfway the upper leg; that fabric is quite comfi too.

I love the vibrant color of the dress. I am really into Royal Blue at the moment, so I like how this is paired with a lighter shade of blue. I also like the neckline, with metal detail stitched onto it all the way to the back. The pleated top is a cool feature.


The dress does not have a split, initially I thought I did want that, but I am actually alright without.


I have paired the dress with my very pink beach bag (above), which gives a nice contrast in color, and with my subtle new bracelet and ring (below), both of which I bought during my shopping spree in Den Bosch. The glass of sparkly white is a Prosecco and pairs with anything. 🙂


Obviously, a bra is a bit challenging with this neckline, so I wore a strapless bikini top in stead. Just in case you were wondering. 🙂

So in a perfect world, the dress would have itsy bitsy longer, but I am still quite pleased with it. Next time, I will likely be a bit more picky though. I am curious to hear your opinions: is the dress actually too short, or can I get away with it (feel free to be honest! 🙂 )

NB. Special thanks to the Hobbit for picture taking 🙂


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    22 June 2015 at 22:46

    Oooh I love the colours on that. And the pleat detail above the waist is great. I’m not quite as tall as you so I’m thinking this may be a perfect length for me (hooray!) – when I last went to the USA I was in my teens and I remember being amazed at the length of the Calvin Klein jeans I bought (when back home all of my other pairs were ankle-swingers.)

    Gorgeous photos. You look lovely!

    Sara x

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    Beth @
    24 June 2015 at 21:21

    What a fabulous find! This type of neckline is my absolute favorite because I love showing off my shoulders. It looks super flattering on you. I think the metal detailing on the straps is really nice as is the pleating. Both add a bit of interest. I think the length works well and like you said, it looks even longer when you’re moving because the fabric is swishing around. I’m glad you’re enjoying Italy. I can’t wait to be there next month!

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    Tall Wife
    25 June 2015 at 13:17

    Thanks Beth! I have a maxi skirt that is really long and reaches the ground, so I guess I just have to get used to the fact that this one is a bit shorter. I do love the neckline and color as well! We are leaving again in 2 days, but I love Italy so much; have a great holiday!! 🙂

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