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Tall Housewife of Buckinghamshire

Boatride Henley-0811During our two weeks here in the UK, we are staying at a friend’s place; it’s a perfect opportunity for us to spend at bit more time in the Hobbit’s UK hometown in Buckinghamshire (which is not the place on the picture on the left by the way).

Normally, I am the one leaving the house around 0730 while the Hobbit is still sleeping away, yet here, I am off but the Hobbit still has to work. He actually has to go into the office, whereas in NL, he works from home.

So these two weeks the tables are turned. Suddenly, I find myself emptying the dishwasher, doing laundry, going for morning runs, getting my nails done after a cappuccino in the middle of the day, and sometimes even taking a cheeky nap. In short, I am being a perfect Housewife of Buckinghamshire (well, for two weeks that is).

Today, I took a boat trip on the Thames from Marlow to Henley. I like looking at houses I can’t afford, so this boat ride would be absolutely perfect to do this, as it’s Mansion-on-the-River Galore out here, one even more perfect (and expensive) than the other. I have no problem imagining us living there, and I found two stunning properties that are actually for sale.

This is the first one, setting me back 10 Million pounds, where I can see myself throwing awesome garden parties wearing glamorous dresses, as a true Lady of the House does:

Boatride Henley-0744

This is my favorite, and at only 3.4 Million pounds it’s a steal; my dream chocolate box cottage where I can see a lovely, well-behaved dog running on the field while I prepare a basket of goodies for a boat trip in that nice little boat there:

Boatride Henley-0763

(Can you hear all that laughter? That’s the bank looking at my mortgage application.) 😉

Allegedly, the place of the Sultan of Brunei for when he visits the Ascot Horse races
(I ask myself: if your house is that size, why do you still need a tent??)

Boatride Henley-0692

And a few more nice places:

Boatride Henley-0786

Boatride Henley-0758

Boatride Henley-0745

My boat trip ended at Henley-on-Thames, famous for rowing. This is a lovely old town (in Oxfordshire, not Buckinghamshire, might I add) with characteristic old houses, flowers everywhere and typical English pubs.

Boatride Henley-0799

Boatride Henley-0798

Boatride Henley-0781

Boatride Henley-0812

The Hobbit picked me up, and we drove back via Hambleden, which is the cutest town ever. If you imagine this without cars, you’d be centuries back in time.

Boatride Henley-0820

Now, if you twist my arm, I could do some housewifery in Bucks for a little bit longer.


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    Beth @
    23 July 2015 at 22:32

    I’m glad you’re getting some R&R! This boat tour to gawk at houses sounds right up my alley. I love “house watching” just as much as people watching. For 2.5 years, I rented a teensy back-unit studio on a small island in Newport Beach harbor in California. The cheapest houses on the island were valued at 1 million USD and they were tiny. The bigger houses went for much more. My point is, there was SO MUCH house gawking to be had there…I loved walking around taking it all in. It never got old. Everyone took great pride in their gardens and would go all out decorating for every holiday. Christmastime was a real treat because the decorations were so tasteful but also creative and elaborate. (Obviously if you own a multi-million dollar house, you have money to burn on decorations). My first Christmas, I walked down each and every street on the island to make sure I didn’t miss any decorations. Took me a few nights but it was worth it. All of this to say that your post stirred up such good memories for me, and I loved looking at your photos of the pretty houses. Hope you find more fun stuff to do on your vacation.

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    Tall Wife
    25 July 2015 at 10:37

    Christmas Decoration watching is fun too, yet I often find that in NL (and parts of the UK too), they really overdo it, so it’s no longer tasteful like you just described, but it becomes kinda ridiculous, which is fun to look at and make fun of. 🙂

    Housewatching here is awesome, not only on the river, but in this area in general; countryhouses, cottages, mansions; it’s all here and it’s all gorgeous.

    I’m having a great time, bit rainy though, only one more week to go (holidays go soooo fast!!)! London on Wednesday so I am looking fw to that! 🙂


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