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Awesome Tall Girls Part III: Sophie Dahl

Sophie-Dahl-032545FSeeing as my posts have been a bit British themed lately due to the fact that I am an anglophile to the huge amount of time I have spent in England over the last month, I figured this post should be about  an awesome British Tall Girl (again). Today’s tall muse is leggy Sophie Dahl.

Apart from her height (1.83m / 6ft), Sophie has a few things going on in her life that I can relate to.

First of all, we both love Buckinghamshire, where she lives with her family and which is my ‘home away from home’ in the UK. Secondly, we don’t have an issue with our men being shorter. Sophie is happily married to Jamie Cullum who stands a shy 1.67m / 5’5ft, compared to her 6ft.

As the taboo around women being with a shorter man (or for a man being with a taller woman) seems hard to get rid of, I personally welcome a gorgeous pair of famous people championing this. I guess I do not need to get into this any further, as I‘ve done that here, here and here already. 🙂


Back to Sophie; this fashion model turned author is one creative lady. With children book author Roald Dahl being her grandfather, she is gifted with writer’s blood running through her veins. After she ended her modeling career, she has written various books, was a contributor / columnist for various publications like Vogue, the Guardian, the Telegraph (to name but a few), and she created a cooking series for BBC as well.

Her website is a warm, cosy place on the web, where various topics are discussed as if we were sat at a kitchen table together. She works with a team of contributors who write about Fashion, Food, Adventure, Lifestyle, Family life, and other topics, yet the website does not shy away from more serious topics either. The website is not themed around height or about being tall, but not everything needs to be, right?


In the ‘About’ section it says:
I wanted to create a kind of virtual Sunday lunch table, with excellent guests; one that was warm and inclusive, that a reader could dip in and out of, month by month.”
This is exactly what I like to do on Sunday mornings: browsing through this site with a cup of tea to get inspired by her imaginative writing, by the gorgeous pictures, or by her Dahl-icious recipes.

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