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The Netherlands: Small but Stunning

Today, I saw this article on buzzfeed: 25 gorgeous pictures of The Netherlands that aren’t Amsterdam.
If you have just clicked that link, you have seen that there are a lot of gorgeous places in The Netherlands outside Amsterdam. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘Dam’ is pretty dam gorgeous, but there is more to our tiny country than that! Just like there’s more to England than London and more to the USA than NYC (and all within reasonable distance!). 


It’s hard sometime to appreciate the country or area you grew up in:
things get normal when you’ve seen it a 100 times and you start taking it for granted.

A mill? Yeah, great, see them everyday on way to work
Fields of tulips? Oh, that time of year again!

Credits: The Hobbit

This weekend I went boating with my dad on one of our lakes in Loosdrecht;
a gorgeous nature area with a lot of green and beautiful waterfront houses in the middle of our country, between two of our four biggest cities.
While looking out over the water, enjoying the sunshine and a glass of vino, I realized how beautiful my own country actually is, and that I do not always fully appreciate the land and water that surrounded me when growing up.
No, we don’t have rolling green hills, majestic mountains or dramatic waterfalls,
but let’s look at what we DO have, instead of what we don’t.

DomLovely cities and villages with canals and historical buildings.
I am proud this tall lady is in the center of the city I live in.

40523 km of coastline with beautiful dunes and sandy beaches where you can get very outdoorsy or have long walks during windy October mornings to empty your head.








And the place is swamped with tall people too!
If you open your eyes to it, every place has its charm, and just because you see it everyday, doesn’t make it any less special. Appreciate it! Enjoy it!

I guess I just wanted to share my beautiful country with you today
and when looking at these pictures, I actually feel proud.

Credits: a few pictures in this post were taken by the Hobbit


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    28 August 2015 at 08:52

    Thank you for this glimpse into lesser known parts of your country. It is indeed quite beautiful and sounds like it has a lot to offer. I like your idea of slowing down and trying to look around your hometown or home country with fresh eyes. Since we drove when we visited The Netherlands, I was able to see some of the lovely countryside from the car but we spent most of our time in Amsterdam. I loved Amsterdam but I hope to be able to visit again and see more of the smaller towns and natural areas. 🙂

    • Reply
      Tall Wife
      28 August 2015 at 22:16

      I’ll be happy to give you some tips or show around some places! 🙂

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