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Magical Mauritius – A Perfect Wedding Venue

Today is a happy day for the Hobbit and me as it marks our second wedding anniversary. For my birthday weekend that same year, 2013, he lured me to the Lake District where he proposed (the proposal story is a new post in itself, I’ll write that another time). After I said YES, he told me that all I needed to do was get a dress, as the entire wedding had been arranged, but if I wasn’t happy with what he had chosen, that we could still cancel it. Behind my back, he had arranged a dream wedding.

We had talked about our thoughts on marriage before (obviously), and we both were really up for getting married abroad. We wanted it to be ours, do it our way, without stressing over guest lists, wedding cakes, receptions and overpriced floral decorations. No guests came, it would just be us. That’s what we wanted and that’s how we did it: we told everyone about our plans, but jetted off to paradise together.
The Hobbit had chosen the most gorgeous location; the island of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean. If you are now thinking of a luxurious resort surrounded by white beaches and emerald water, that was exactly it. Le Touessrok is a 5 star hotel in the North-East of the island, and had everything you want for a perfect beach wedding and luxurious honeymoon destination. Crystal clear water, white beaches, various pools and restaurants, and great staff, who helped to plan our perfect wedding.

 Mauritius Touessrok Helicopter

After a comfortable flight, we arrived at Mauritius early morning, and we were welcomed with tea and got a first glimpse of the gorgeous hotel.

touessrok pool

As organised as the hobbit is, we could immediately check in to our lovely room with breathtaking views over the ocean.

Mauritius Touessrok view

where fresh fruit…

Mauritius - Fresh fruit
…and bubbles (courtesy of the hotel and of friends) were awaiting us.
This would get us through at least three days a week.


It wasn’t until long until someone knocked at the door, and a friendly gentleman introduced himself as our butler. Yes, this was the right place. We had an amazing suite with an even more amazing balcony. The coming 10 days were going to be great!

A few formalities had to be arranged for the wedding during our first days on the island, so we had to take a trip to Saint Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Our driver took us to an office building with interior decor reminiscent of the eighties, we were welcomed into a small office, handed over our documents, and that was it: we were all set to get married.
Registrar office

The days before the wedding, I chose flowers, we decided on our wedding meal, and we visited the locations where the ceremony could take place. We choose to do it on Ilot Mangenie, a small private Island part of the resort,  which could only be reached by boat. Do you see that little pointy bit down here? That was the spot we chose.

Ilot Mangenie

The resort was fully equipped including a beauty salon where I did a trial for hair & make up a few days before the wedding. When the big day arrived, the butler picked up my dress to get it to beauty salon. I gave a last kiss to my boyfriend, as from now on, I would kiss my husband. I followed my dress to the salon, where the girls would make me look pretty and help me get dressed. I was getting a bit nervous, and this was the first and only time that I missed some of the ladies in my life to reassure me, to have a glass of wine laugh with to take the edge of and to have girly chat with.
Touessrok wedding dress
When I was done getting pampered, I met the photographer who would join me on the boat to the island where Hobbit-soon-to-be-Husband was waiting for me.

The ceremony itself went quite fast; the event intern was my witness, the event planner was the hobbit’s witness.

The registrar wished for us to have loads of offspring having the same profession as we do; we wished for supermodels, rocket scientists or bringers of world peace. 🙂

We returned to our room as Mr. & Mrs. and life was good.

Both the resort and the Island of Mauritius offered everything you want to have on a honeymoon, so our first days as husband and wife were simply amazing.

We had candle lit dinners on our own balcony.


We did an exciting helicopter tour over the island

We saw some wildlife

We saw (and cuddled) some more wildlife

We chilled out at the pool

We rented a car and drove around to see what else Mauritius had to offer, other than beaches. This was at Terres des Sept Couleurs (The Seven Colored Earth) in the Rivière Noire District in south-western Mauritius.

I did a horse ride on the beach (and walked like an old lady for three days after)

We wrote our nicknames in the sand, like grown-ups do.
(I would like to present this as proof that my man actually approves of me referring  to him as the Hobbit.. 🙂 )

For us, it didn’t get more perfect than this. Mauritius truly is a paradise, a gorgeous, versatile island with friendly people, and the perfect wedding spot. I loved keeping the wedding itself low-key and spend more on an awesome honeymoon instead. Not to mention the fact that the whole experience was completely stress free.
Le Touessrok is an amazing resort and the staff went above and beyond to make our stay as memorable as it was.

See you in 8 years Mauritius, for our 10th wedding anniversary!



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    Sreejith Vijayakumar
    13 September 2015 at 09:29

    OMG!!! Sunning pictures

  • Reply
    13 September 2015 at 21:52

    Is this place even real? It seriously looks like a dream! I do love how you kept the ceremony private and meaningful and then you were able to simply enjoy yourselves in paradise for several days. I feel like people spend way too much on weddings these days and they end up being extremely stressful events with little enjoyment for the bride and groom. We only had about 45 people which is considered quite a small wedding in California. If my husband’s side of the family wasn’t so big, it probably would have only been around 30. Anyways, it was SO fun and I ate a full meal (I often hear brides say they didn’t get to eat at their wedding). It certainly didn’t feel like it was a whirlwind….just a good ole time hanging out with those we hold dear.

    • Reply
      Tall Wife
      13 September 2015 at 22:45

      That is exactly what I loved: it being so stress free and completely ours! We may have spend what other couples spend on a #normal’ wedding, but at least we got an awesome honeymoon out of it too… 🙂 (that sounds so selfish, but we just wanted to keep it small and simple)

      Your wedding sounds good too; also small and intimate! That’s what it’s about: to have a good time with our loved ones, rather than throwing a pretentious event which you can’t enjoy as it’s too stressful.

      Sound like we had similar ideas about it! 🙂

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    Emanuela Wenning
    25 May 2016 at 15:37

    I call my boyfriend and myself this way…I loved your blog!

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