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Zeitgard: Spa Luxury at Home

Zeitgard-1399Today, I want to talk about something  new for a bit: skincare to be precise. Recently, I was introduced to the Zeitgard Electric Cleansing Brush during a demonstration. I had been looking at electric face brushes last year already, but never got around to getting one. Since I was curious to see if this actually works and seeing as I am always up for an experiment, I have teamed up with to give the brush a try and to share my experience with you.


Being in the second half of my thirties means that I need to be a bit nicer to my skin than I have been in my twenties. Back then, I did not use creams and I did not clean my face properly at night before bed. Yikes, I know. My skin care routine is very different today, and so is my make-up routine.  I wear more make up now and that, combined with sensitive skin and occasional spots, asks for a proper bedtime cleanse.

I always have a shower before bed; I wash my face with a cleanser and sometimes I use a simple, non-electric brush. After the demonstration of the Zeitgard, I realized how much make up, oil and dirt still stays behind on my skin, even after cleaning it. A quick wash or rinse just doesn’t cut it. Have you ever looked at your cotton ball after cleaning your face on a day you didn’t even wear make up? You still see traces of dirt, right?

There’s more where that came from; cheeky tiny dirt particles hiding deep in your pores, planning a little party on your face, possibly becoming spots later on. The Zeitgard takes care of them; consider it the doorman, brushing off the nasty party guests you don’t want to stay on your skin, giving your skin a much deeper cleanse.


The specs:
The brush is said to be 10 times more effective than conventional face cleaning. It does not circulate, but it oscillates, meaning it moves back and forth very quickly, up to 7000 times per minute. The brush itself, which can be separated from the elegantly shaped body, is designed to last roughly 3 months, and then it needs replacing.
The filaments of the brush are especially designed to ensure hygiene and prevent regeneration; they are made of Microsilver which is an active agent that has an antibacterial effect on both the brush and the skin. There are two types of brushes: one for sensitive skin (pink) and one for regular skin (blue).


The Zeitgard has 3 levels; it is recommended to start with level 1, which is very gentle. When you have used it for a while, you can up this to level 2 or 3 for an even more thorough cleanse. You can also use it for your neck and chest by the way, which sometimes can be ‘problem zones’ as well. It’ll only take you roughly a minute to cleanse your entire face (or longer if you want): 20 seconds on the left, 20 seconds on the right, and 20 seconds on your forehead. The Zeitgard beeps softly after 20 seconds so you know when you’re done with each part.

The device in general looks nice in your bathroom too: it has got a contemporary, smooth, feminine design (it reminds me of a pencil dress) and the neutral white and grey color scheme makes it suitable for every bathroom.


The modern bright green LED lights indicates if it’s on and on what level. The battery life is said to be very good, so you can take it on a weekend away without bringing the charger. Should you have limited space, you don’t have to keep the charger out, though it is the perfect and safest place to keep it in.

For the coming month, I will be testing the Zeitgard which I am very excited about. In 2 weeks, I will give you my mid-month review. After a month, I’ll update you on the full experience and I’ll share if my skin feels any different.


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    30 September 2015 at 18:28

    This is very interesting and I enjoyed reading your thorough overview including some of the entertaining descriptions. 🙂 I often feel like I should be doing more in the skincare department now that I’m in my 30s. I’ll be very curious to read your 2 week review and your full 1 month review.

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