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Why Short Guys Are Hot!

as long as you are happyI read this article in Women’s Health:
Why I Think Short Guys Are Hot AF (and You Should, Too)
I posted an article on why shorter men should go after taller women a while ago, but let’s be honest; we don’t give them much of a chance, do we? Quite a lot of taller women rule shorter guys before they have even given them a chance to get to know them.

Let me quote a few things from this article that I have experienced myself as well, and that I can relate too.

‘While the rest of the world was hung up on height, it didn’t matter to him.
And damn, that’s hot.’

Yup, it really is the confidence thing. Same goes for us tall girls. Once we accept our height, start walking straight up instead of trying to be invisible, the world opens up.

‘Short guys get a bad rap, but most of them are sexier than their vertically-gifted peers.
Why? They’ve spent years of their lives being teased and judged because of their height—and they almost always come out on the other side. In my experience, they tend to be sexier, more confident, and less self-conscious than most other guys.’

Yes, I recognize this too. He might not have height, but the Hobbit sure has confidence. Confidence that I envy at times, yet confidence people assume I have due to my height. Isn’t this a twisted world?

Really, the problem isn’t short guys—it’s us. We’re so hung up on whether a man has a few inches to spare that we tend to miss one important fact: This is a person we’re talking about, and we’re judging them on their height, of all reasons. We might as well take a pass on a potentially great guy because his leg hair curls the wrong way.

And there you have it. It is us, the tall girls. The short guys often don’t care.
We do. We think about how people see us when walking hand in hand, and what they would think. I see so many so-called funny, yet negative posts on IG about short guys, and quite frankly, I am getting annoyed with those posts. We don’t like to be judged on our height, yet we do do it to others. That’s simply not fair.

Each to their own, and by all means, do not rule out tall guys either, but not wanting to be with someone only because they are shorter is just as shallow as not wanting to be with someone because they are thin, overweight, black, white or bald.


Article written by Korin Miller, originally published for Women’s Health Magazine.
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    30 September 2015 at 01:47

    Yes !! My husband of 17 years is a few inches shorter than me, and I’m so happy neither one of us was worried about our height when we met!

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