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Zeitgard: Happy, Healthy Skin

Zeitgard-1646After using the Zeitgard Face brush for two weeks now, it’s time for my review so far. If you are following my blog, you might know I have teamed up with to test the brush. In my first post on the Zeitgard Facebrush, I explain how the brush is designed to give you skin a deeper cleanse, so it becomes healthier, happier and more radiant.
I’ve been using it every day over the last few weeks and my skin seems to be very pleased, so let me tell you about my experience so far.

My day always ends with a nice hot shower before bed, as that is the perfect moment to let my mind wander for a bit. This relaxing moment has become even more relaxing now I’m using the Zeitgard. It’s my little moment of spa luxury at the end of a busy day.

It’s so easy to use, it only takes one minute to cleanse your face, but I actually use it for two minutes. The first minute I do what it is designed for: clean my skin. The second minute, I use it as a facial massage, where I keep it in between my eyebrows and on my temples for a bit, just because I find that comforting and relaxing.

Not only does it make me relaxed, my skin is happy too. I got compliments from friends that my skin looked healthy, and I notice I have less spots. My skin genuinely feels cleaner after using it, so I guess my night serum can do its work better too as my skin still feels soft in the morning when I wake up.

A special cleansing cream is developed that works together with the Zeitgard to ensure maximum results. If there is something to be fussy about; the cream could have been a bit foamier as I don’t mind a good foam, but I guess it is more important that it does what it needs to do; cleaning my skin, foamy or not.

Battery life is very good as well; I have not charged it yet since I started to use it as I wanted to test how long it lasts. So far so good. This means you can easily take it travelling for at least two weeks without bringing even more chargers and cables than you probably already are.

I took it to Moscow and the device itself is very travel friendly, it easily fits in your wash bag. Because you have to hold the ‘on’ button for a few seconds for it to switch on, you don’t run the risk of walking through an airport with a vibrating brush (and dead battery by the time you arrive) in your bag if something accidentally hits the button.

As said before, its timeless design makes it suitable for any bathroom, it even suits the hotel bathroom.


I like to keep things organised when traveling, and the color scheme even (accidentally) suits my zip bag habit and keeps everything neatly color-coordinated.

So yes, I am very pleased with the result so far, or more importantly, my skin is too.
If you have a busy life, Zeitgard saves you time, but at the same time, it does give you that quality skin care that you want. The fact that it helps me relax at night before going to bed too, is an added bonus. I’d say it’s a winner.

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