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Castles and Cupcakes

Kasteel Amerongen-1823Living in the Netherlands, or anywhere else in Europe for that matter, means that you are never far away from a castle, a mansion or a stately home of some sort. Often built in the middle of green, woody areas, it’s always very pleasant to spend an afternoon at one of these historical buildings, especially when you have loads of catching up to do with one of your besties who you don’t get see often as she lives abroad. Always up for a bite at a special venue, we went on our way to the little village of Amerongen, NL. 

I can easily name four castles within half an hour driving distance from where I live (yes, I’m bragging here… 😉 ) but I had never been to Castle Amerongen, situated in the heart of our country. The castle dates back to the 13th century, and has been destroyed and rebuild quite a few times over the centuries. Nowadays, you can visit the castle and its gardens, you can get married here, or you can have a drink at the atmospheric castle café that’s situated in what used to be the stables.

We were extremely lucky with the weather, so we were able to sit outside in the gentle October sun, looking out over the castle and its lawn.

We had booked a high tea (well, the Dutch version of it, I’m not sure if the British would approve, but if you don’t tell, we won’t either) but we couldn’t resist starting with a bit of sparkle to celebrate our reunion. We then continued with tea like well-behaved young ladies do.

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1767
We had 6 teas to choose from, all made by the Dutch tea- and coffee brand Simon Lévelt, which is a family owned company relying on 6 generations of tea makers.

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1786

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1785

You can really taste the difference; it’s much richer and more layered than the average tea from the supermarket. This tea is worthy of a posh little pinky.

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1792
Of course, all this catching up had made us hungry, so we were happy to see some delicious sandwiches being brought over.

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1779
We continued to indulge on chocolate while drinking more tea.

high tea
The scones were tasty, but I must hand it to the British; their clotted cream is way better. The Dutch one doesn’t come close. Ask a random Dutch person in the street and they wouldn’t even be able to tell you what clotted cream is. Or just ask me, because I don’t know what exactly it is either, apart from tasty. That I do know.

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1801

After all these rather calorific delights, we ended on a healthy note with honey dripped fresh fruit. Dig in!

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1804
All this eating left us no choice but to have stroll around the castle to at least give the suggestion that we had some exercise.

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1815
I couldn’t resist posing in front of the castle, wearing my new booties

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1820
Then the silliness kicked in, the late afternoon sun gave us both giraffe legs, so we played around with the camera a for bit. Laughing together like the schoolgirls we were when we met, made us realize that even though we don’t speak to each other as often as we want to, it’s all good on the rare occasions that we do see each other.

Amsterdam and Amerongen-1817


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