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IMG_1835I just came back from a nice autumn run (barely 3km but better than nothing), and I realized that I am struggling a little bit at the moment. I already wrote earlier that I need to motivate myself to stay fit and healthy; I’m not the kind of girl for who working out comes naturally and I’m easily tempted by treats. I go through stages when I’m really motivated, but then I fall of the wagon and lately, I struggle to get back on it.


The truth is, I’m not really happy with myself right now. I don’t eat healthy enough, I find excuses not to work out. The Hobbit and I were discussing this very topic over wine and tapas at lunch this weekend. We enjoy life, we like treats and food and wine, but we have also come to that age where we need to work harder to keep in shape. I do still run occasionally, yet not enough for it to be constructive and when I look at my honeymoon pictures and how I was in shape back then, I feel bad and beat myself up on why I let that slip.



At the moment, the balance is completely lost, it’s likely still 80/20, but 80% is treats and 20% is healthy food. So we were brainstorming on how we could really commit to a healthier lifestyle, what it takes to stay motivated. We are really good at finding reasons to stay on the sofa and have a Lindt bar, rather than go  for a work out and enjoy a pretty autumn run in stead.



I had to come up with a plan that will motivate me, one that will keep motivating me.
So I found one that I’m a bit of a coward about, but maybe that’s exactly why I should do it. It will ask commitment and dedication and me stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s maybe not original, but if it helps me get in shape, I’ll give it a go.


I’m planning to share my experiences and progress with you on the blog (I haven’t decided on before and after pics yet…). I am still working out (pun intended 🙂 ) how exactly I will integrate this on the blog, but if you have any tall ‘n fit topics you would like to read about (like how to best look after our backs or what the best running shoes are for bigger feet), do let me know and I’ll see if I can investigate.


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