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Barcelona Part I: Tapas & Tall Things

Barcelona-GaudiBarcelona is one of my favourite cities in the South of Europe. I have fond memories of it of all the five (or six?) times I’ve been there, whether it was for work or for pleasure. This time I went it was to accompany the Hobbit who had been attending a conference. Having been here before and having seen all the highlights, we felt no pressure to rush through the city. We were merely taking the opportunity of combining work with pleasure, to escape the cold and wet Lowlands for a bit and enjoy nicer weather, tasty wine and yummie tapas.

The minute my work allowed for me to go, I hopped on a plane a jetted to BCN for a long weekend. I thought it was my first time flying on Vueling, but actually, it was the second time. The first time was years back, when I was still granted an exit row seat for being tall. I wasn’t so lucky this time, but it’s a 2h flight, so I could deal with it.

My Starwood Preferred Guest points paid for our room at Four Points Diagonal hotel, a 10 minute taxi ride away from the bustling centre of Barcelona. The hotel offers nice rooms with beds so comfy it’s hard to get up in the morning, and a shower so high that even people of 2 meter and up can wash their hair comfortably. For that reason alone, I don’t mind a taxi ride to town, at least I can go there with properly washed manes.


At the hotel and in the area around it, you will find quite a few places to eat, but we didn’t try that as we went to the Gothic Quarter for that. I am quite a picky eater, but Mediterranean food I’ll have all day long. Normally we are quite well organised and we plan and book our dinners carefully when on a city trip to avoid disappointment. With the abundance of restaurants and tapas bars in the Gothic Quarter, we knew we didn’t have to, and we wanted to let the evening surprise us.

Gothic quarter Barcelona

This was a good call, and both days this worked out well. One day, we had lunch at ‘Taller de Tapas’. I normally tend to avoid chains, but if a restaurant has ‘taller’ in its name, I have to eat there, that’s the law. ‘Taller’ in Spanish means workshop or atelier, so it has nothing to do with height, but we will forget that for a second. 🙂

Taller Barcelona

We had to take it easy on Saturday after having a 3am photo finish on Friday. We were sat next to a lovely couple at the restaurant we chose for dinner. The four of us got on very well, so we went for a few cheeky cocktails after dinner. Who doesn’t love making new friends in foreign cities?

cocktail Barcelona
One thing I noticed about the Gothic Quarter was that there more trendy bars than I remember. Trendy in terms of modern interior, flash LED lighting, colorful cocktails, white designer chairs and a nightclub feel to it, like the more modern and trendy places you’d normally find along the coastline at the Port Olympic or Port Vell for instance.

Though we did also find the more quaint, authentic places that this area is known for,
in my memory there used to be even more of them . Think wooden beams, curved ceilings, small candle lit tables, and so on.


On Saturday we went to see the small village of Poble Espanyol, which was so pretty it deserves a dedicated post which you can read here. Come Sunday, it was time for one of the highlights of this trip. After really enjoying my first tall blogger meet up with Beth, I was excited to meet fellow tall blogger Patricia of ‘antes Alta que sinsilla‘.

We met at Plaza d’Espanya at the foot of Montjuic, and it was easy to recognize this pretty lady walking towards me with a big smile, fashionably dressed in edgy leather pants and a cute trench. We started a little wander around the magic fountain, which looks like a pretty normal fountain in the day, but transforms into a spectacular lit up fountain at night, complete with music & light show.


Chatting away about blogging, our jobs, tall fashion and more, we couldn’t help noticing a few looks here and there, and even some comments (in Spanish) were made on our height. Little did they know that Patricia could understand what was said; she may not look Spanish with her lovely long legs and shiny dark blond hair, but she most certainly is.

tall bloggers
After our walk, we enjoyed a nice lunch on top of Arenas de Barcelona, an old bullring turned shopping mall, which offers lovely views over the city and Montjuic with its Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya as the eye catcher.

Barcelona montjuic-1959
After lunch, it was time to say goodbye to both Patricia and Barcelona as my airport pick up was waiting for me. Yet again, I had a wonderful time in never disappointing Barcelona; I may like it even more now I’ve met one of its lovely inhabitants.


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    antesAltaquesinsilla (@aAltaqsinsilla)
    26 October 2015 at 10:23

    Hi Karen!
    What can I say, it was a real pleasure meeting you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the city even if you didn’t have many time. Thanks for sharing the details on our time together. Hope in the next meet up we can spend some more hours together and why not.. have some tall shops to go in! Have a great week! 😉


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    26 October 2015 at 19:29

    What a nice glimpse of Barcelona. I didn’t realize you’d been there so many times. I hope to make my first trip early next year (and also hope to meet up with the fabulous Paty). Glad to hear you ladies had fun!

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