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Tall Order Clothing: Welcome!

018_TaperedTrousersPrintBlouse__87When it comes to fashion, tall girls want what everyone else wants:  fashionable clothes that fit, with sleeves  and legs that are long enough, and also: to have choice in styles and retailers where to get our outfits from.
Not long ago, a new retailer entered the Tall Fashion Arena and launched their first AW2015 collection.
I am happy to introduce you to Tall Order Clothing;
‘a small independent company producing and selling a quality product to a market we feel is underserved by the high street.’


Earlier this month, the stars aligned as it turned out that Alison, founder of Tall Order Clothing, and I would be roughly at the same place at the same time. We managed to meet up in person to talk about all things tall and it was the perfect opportunity for her to tell me more about her lovely new clothing brand too; double the fun!

Tall Order Clothing

Alison is wearing the Bob Collarless Jacket from her current collection

Alison, at 6’2 being the exact same height as me, had the idea for her clothing line 15 years ago, as she encountered the same struggles we all do, in particular for office attire. She already registered the company name back then, but at that time, she didn’t have the time to start up her business due to a busy job including a lot of travel.

But, as she says so herself: good things come to those who wait, so finally, two years ago, the timing seemed right; she had more time, she had the vision, so it was her moment to follow her dream and, as daunting as it was, to take the plunge and embark on the adventure of her own tall fashion brand ‘Tall Order Clothing’.

Amya Oversized Overcoat - Tall Order Clothing

Here she is wearing the Amya Oversized Overcoat Grey

Being a fashion designer was a completely new ballgame for Alison, but she took on the challenge and she gathered people around her who she could learn from. She teamed up with a designer and a pattern cutter and they started from scratch. Sizes had to be re-invented, designs had to be changed to fit the taller frame, and fabrics had to be sourced. Finally, production could start and the launch of her very first line was a fact.


All fabrics are sourced in the UK, and designing and manufacturing is done locally too, ensuring quality garments. This means you won’t find pieces produced in bulk which will last you about 3 washes (if you’re lucky), but it does mean you buy a piece of clothing that is well-fitted and will stand the test of time.

Amara Contrast Pocket Dress tall order Clothing

One of my favorites: the Amara Contrast Pocket Dress with beautifully long sleeves

I’m happy Alison did not shy away from the challenge of starting up her own business, as she pulled it off. Her efforts resulted in the lovely AW2015 inaugural collection which is for purchase on her website now.
The small yet versatile capsule collection consists of delightful items suitable for various occasions: long-legged trousers to wear to work, comfi oversized coats for autumn days, tailored jackets for business meetings, edgy skirts and stylish dresses to wear in the evening; it’s all there.

Aisha - Cowl Neck Dress Tall Order Clothing

Aisha – Cowl Neck Dress

I got to see (and try on) a few items of the collection myself, and I was impressed.
It is clear that a lot of thought went into the design process and that Alison and her team paid attention to details; beautiful linings, very long sleeves and legs, and pencil skirts that actually ARE pencil skirts, instead of mini skirts.

I’m particularly pleased about the fact that the majority of this collection is suitable for work, as that is where my personal challenge lies mainly:  finding suitable ‘tall office fashion’. Alison did mention though that she is looking at adding a few more informal pieces to the next collection too.

Tall order Clothing

Aliki – Tailored Jacket | Aimee Blouse | Alex – Pencil skirt – from the Lookbook

I personally love supporting independent companies with unique, well-made products, started by someone who is passionate because she actually knows her target group inside out. Alison herself IS part of that very same target group after all; she recognizes our ‘tall fashion needs’, and did a great job creating a lovely collection of versatile clothing.

So far, the collection has been received well, and after having seen and tried on items of Tall Order Clothing myself, I can only say: go check it out!
You won’t regret it, especially not since I may offer you a temporary 25% discount by using the code  TTW25. (International shipping is no issue of course. )

Keep an eye out for some outfit reviews over the coming weeks.


All pictures are courtesy of and used with permission of Tall Order Clothing


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    M. van Oosterom
    15 November 2015 at 19:17

    I am glad that there is more to see for tall woman..
    But; i am not glad with having become some more
    wight during going older.
    I am 72 of age, 1m 85…
    And it’s like tall woman are allway’s thin, small, yong?
    But i wish you good luck with the bissines!

  • Reply
    19 November 2015 at 02:53

    Great overview of this new tall line and how fun that you were able to meet the founder. I agree with you – supporting the small “tall” businesses is the way to go.

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