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One Night Getaway in The Hague

File 15-11-2015, 14 39 56Sometimes, you don’t need to travel far to escape from the daily chores for a bit. Roughly an hour away from where I live, you’ll find the beautiful city of The Hague.  Amsterdam might be our official capital city, but the country is actually run from The Hague, as that is where our government houses, where the foreign embassies are, and our royal family lives nearby too. Not only is it a nice historic city: it’s also very close to the beach, and home to one of the most iconic hotels of the country: Hotel Des Indes. 

Des Indes is “A Luxury Collection Hotel”, part of Starwood; having earned a few free night awards because I am member of the Starwood Preferred Guest program, I decided to try this hotel. I normally would not stay here due to its close proximity to my home, but this was a great opportunity to invite along a friend for a one night getaway and catch up with her, whilst giving this unique hotel a try. We didn’t have to worry about driving home after dinner, so we both could enjoy a glass of vino. But not before checking out the hotel. Our room was spacious and gave a good impression of the atmosphere of the hotel.

Des Indes-1995
The hotel was originally built as a residential home for Baron van Brienen, chamberlain to King William III; it was finished in 1856. After his death in 1873, a wine merchant bought the place to convert it into a luxury hotel, which was opened in 1881, with the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte being the first guest to sign the guest book. Many famous guests would follow; politicians, pop stars, royals, actors; they all found their way to Des Indes. And so did Tall Wife. 😉

Des Indes-2033
The decor of the hotel is reminiscent of the way Mr. van Brienen designed his home:
rooms furnished in Louis XVI style, and details of this are still visible throughout the hotel; original door handles and mantlepieces engraved with his letter ‘B’ for instance.

des indes

The patterned carpets or glorious chandeliers now hanging where the courtyard used to be may give the idea you travelled back in time.

Des Indes-2035
The rooms are in perfect condition, classic yet with modern amenities, ensuring a very comfortable stay.

Des Indes-2000
Toiletries of British skin care brand Elemis (which the frequent travelers among us might recognise from British Airways Business Class)

Des Indes-2001
The hotel offers a small gym and a pool too.

Des Indes-2015

The views over the Skyline of The Hague from the Presidential Suite are stunning:

Des Indes-2007
Being in the city centre, Des Indes is within walking distance from ‘Binnenhof’ (where you find the historical buildings in which our government houses), Mauritshuis (where you can admire Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring) and ‘Plein’ (a square where you will find places to eat and drink in abundance).

Having seen the city centre a few times, we had our mind set on something else for our Sunday morning activity. A short tram ride away is Scheveningen beach, but we had a car at our disposal, so after a lovely night out and a good night of sleep at Des Indes, we drove to a quieter beach, 15 minutes away from The Hague city centre: Kijkduin.

It was a beautiful morning and it was quiet: we had the beach to ourselves.

It was the perfect ending to our nice girly getaway, before getting caught up again in all duties awaiting at home.

Kijkduin was being pretty!

After our long walk, we even managed to have breakfast outside in the sun.

The early November sun was warm but gentle, and our little break left us fully charged for the busy weeks ahead.


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    11 January 2016 at 22:29

    That sounds like the perfect getaway! I was at a dinner recently where a gentleman was telling us all about the joys of The Hague – I think it’s one to be added to the travel list for this year. x


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