November, where have you gone?

autumnI can’t believe that in a month’s time, we’ll be preparing for NYE. I remember last year on NYE, the Hobbit and I discussed our goals for 2015; one of mine was starting a blog and here we are, almost 100 post and quite a few new friends later! It’s not quite the moment yet to look back on the entire year, but I do want to briefly look back at November as it’s been both a busy and amazing month.

First of all, the month started out well with tall outfits and tall retailers!
Long Tall Sally had a pop-up shop in Amsterdam which has gotten to the attention of quite a lot of tall Dutchies.  Long Tall Sally Pop Up-1983
Then, one of my highlights was meeting yet another lovely tall lady through my blog. Alison of Tall Order Clothing and I met up; she told me all about her exciting new tall clothing brand and I got to review an outfit.

Tall Order Clothing-2229
In the travel department, I couldn’t complain either (dare I say I’m actually looking forward to a weekend at home?) .
I had a lovely afternoon tea at Danesfield house during a nice UK weekend break.

Danesfield House-2083
Then I got to go on a one night break with a friend in The Hague at the iconic Hotel Des Indes! Very atmospheric and a lovely girl’s night out!

Des Indes-2006

In between, I brushed up my Halong Bay post as it was exactly one year ago this month that I visited Vietnam. That post, being one of my first, was in desperate need of some TLC, and I enjoyed all the memories that came back.


After a week of working 60 hours in four days, and a big (positive yet impactful) change at work, I was happy to take off for another girls-weekend: I visited Porto with two friends, which is an amazing city, and I loved the port wine tasting at Graham’s port house too! I can recommend both!


This month ended on a high note (in the highlands) in Scotland with an amazing railway journey and I will write about this trip soon! I can’t wait to show the pictures, so here is a sneak preview:


Enjoy the final and most festive month of 2015! 🙂

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    1 December 2015 at 15:25

    I always love your “month-in-review” posts. You certainly covered a lot of ground this month and it sounds like work was quite busy too! Hope you have time to relax and recharge. I can’t wait to hear about your Scotland trip

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