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Christmas time in New York City

Xmas NYC-3074Traveling to New York City is never a bad thing, especially not around Christmas time. This time of year is magical anywhere, but I had never experienced it in New York  before. The City That Never Sleeps lights up even more than it does normally. Being only here only for two nights, I had to make the most of it: I had a  few scarce moments of free time to catch a glimpse of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year in NYC,  so join me for a few very festive snaps of the Big Apple. 


My first strop was Grand Central Terminal, around the corner from my hotel. Though tempted to get on a train to go on an adventure, I managed to contain myself and I walked around for a bit just to feel the atmosphere.

Xmas NYC Grand Central Station
The big central clock confronted me that there’s always somewhere to rush to and made me realise that yet another year is gone.

Xmas NYC Grand Central Station 2
Walking onwards to 5th Avenue, Christmas commerce really kicked off. Some shops really went out of their way to let us know it’s December… There was no denying…

Xmas NYC-3058
Even inconspicuous plants were decorated.

Xmas NYC-3055
Xmas NYC-3059
The next day, I walked past Rockefeller Plaza on my way to an appointment.

Xmas NYC-3127

It was an unbelievable 18 degrees Celsius, so the ice rink added the much-needed wintry atmosphere, because it felt like spring.

Xmas NYC-3075
People were ice skating in their tees under the watchful eye of these fellas.

Xmas NYC-3072

You can always count on Swarovski to add a little sparkle to the atmosphere.

Xmas NYC-3082
It was quite a pretty sight.

Xmas NYC-3081
Saks couldn’t stay behind of course and had people queueing just to take pictures of their shop windows.

Xmas NYC-3125
I couldn’t resist taking a cheeky Christmas Selfie at a beautiful tree I ran into.

Xmas NYC-3113
This is the tree in all its glory

Xmas NYC-3109
It was one of the prettiest I saw (surrounded by white croppy plants, that reminded me of cauliflower and I thought they were quite funny).

Xmas NYC-3112
My trip was a bit of a whistle-stop tour, but well worth it.

Xmas NYC-3118
Maybe it was for the better I hardly had free time, because I must admit; all the sparkles, festive lights and discounts did exactly what they’re designed for: they made me a want to spend. Luckily, I prepared for this, and I was happy when two much-anticipated packages were delivered to my hotel room, both of which I will soon write about more.

So since we are in festive spirits, I’m curious to hear what your favourite cities are during the Christmas season!


  • Reply
    mukul chand
    19 December 2015 at 16:18

    Great Post

  • Reply
    Little Miss Traveller
    19 December 2015 at 16:55

    Hope it still looks festive in early January when I go

    • Reply
      Tall Wife
      19 December 2015 at 17:05

      Yeah, don’t know when they take the decorations off, it surely looks festive! Would be nice if you could enjoy that in January just to hang on to Christmas for a bit longer. 🙂

  • Reply
    27 December 2015 at 15:03

    We spent Christmas in NYC a few years ago and it was wonderful! Every bit as magical as you describe. Glad you were able to take in some city scenes during your work trip. Can’t wait to hear more about your purchases!

    • Reply
      Tall Wife
      29 December 2015 at 13:34

      yeah, I was happy to see NYC during the festive period once! 🙂 I’ll write more about the boxes soon: need to (have husband) take some piccies! 🙂

  • Reply
    27 December 2015 at 23:18

    Yes I’m excited to see what is in those boxes too! Don’t keep us waiting too long.😊

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