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Dogsledding in Tromsø: a Winter Wonderland Adventure

imageAfter our snowy Christmas celebrations in the city of Tromsø, we wanted to explore a bit more of the Norwegian backcountry, and what better way to do this than on a dogsled, allowing us access to the beautiful areas that are hard to discover by foot or by car. Excited about my very first ever dog sledding experience, we arrived at the dog sledding farm, 35 minutes away from our hotel, where we were greeted by the cutest fur babies ever who were going to give us an unforgettable Nordic experience.

Tromso - dogsledding-3317

After cuddling and getting to know a few of the Alaskan Huskies at Arctic Adventure Tours home base, we were told a bit more about these amazing dogs. They are highly efficient sled dogs, real team-players and great at pulling. Their famous brother, the Siberian Husky, is a bit lazier, so that’s why Alaskan Huskies are mainly used for mushing.

Tromso - dogsledding-3302
They are very friendly, eager and hardworking dogs, and my friend and I can’t get enough of cuddling them. They are lovely dogs and they all greet us enthusiastically.

Tromso - dogsledding-3322

Even though we are dressed warmly already, we get fitted in a much-needed winter gear, goggles are provided too. After instruction on how to drive our own dog-team and how to work together with the dogs, we go meet our five furry teammates.


When the dogs see us approaching, they know what is coming and they start barking and howling, because they want one thing, and one thing only: run! The noise is quite overwhelming and made me a bit emotional. I know, I know, I’m a bit of a wuss. 🙂

Tromso - dogsledding-3319

We get on our sled, the hobbit is going to drive and I’m sitting down on our chariot.

Tromso - dogsledding-3320

Once it is our turn to go, the dogs do not hesitate one second, they start to move and off we go, into the great white open.


We soon get the hang of how to work with the dogs, and it’s amazing to see how eager they are. Whenever we do something wrong they look back at us as if they were to say: ‘Oi mate, pay attention and help us a little bit!‘ When stopping every now and then, they get impatient, because they want to go! They roll around in the snow to cool down, as the temperature (around -5 to 0 degrees Celsius) is relatively warm for them; they perform best at even colder temperatures!

Tromso - dogsledding-3303

After a tour through the beautiful Norwegian mountains, I think we did approximately 15k, we arrive back at the kennel. We thank our dogs, and we go into a traditional Sami Lavvu to warm up.

Tromso - dogsledding-3307

Tromso - dogsledding-3310
Inside, the fire is crackling and a hot drink and tasty chocolate cake awaits us.


This is a nice way to warm up and share our experience with our friends.

After an eventful morning, we are being brought back to our hotel, but not before saying goodbye to our new friends who are chilling out in the snow.

Tromso - dogsledding-3308
Tromso - dogsledding-3316
If you are in the area and if you want to go dog sledding too, which I can highly recommend, have a look at Make sure you book in time as this is an adventure you don’t want to miss!! Don’t forget to check out the other activities they offer too.

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    mukul chand
    2 January 2016 at 14:30

    Great Post.

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    5 January 2016 at 18:39

    What an exquisite experience! That’s amazing that they let you drive your own sled. I’d be happy just riding on the back with a guide, but I can see where being the captain takes it to a whole new level. The dogs sound like they have quite the personalities and it’s no wonder you fell in love with them.

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