Tall ‘n Healthy: My 10 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

food 3066A while ago, I wrote about how I want to start living healthier again. Like many others, I’m not quite happy where I am right now health wise, shape wise and weight wise. It’s all my own fault, too much wine treats and nice dinners and too little exercise does that. I got in great shape for my wedding, but I let it slip and I’m annoyed with myself for that, so I’m taking charge again as I know I can feel so much better by living healthier. I know how to do it so I have no excuse. 

I normally don’t really do new year’s resolutions as I strongly believe that every day is as good as any to start with changes you want to make in your life, but it just so happened that January is going to be a quiet month with no travel plans (I know, I’m panicking already!) or social events. It’s a good time to focus on me, on cooking healthy meals, on working out and on figuring out how I can make the healthy lifestyle last again in a sustainable way without getting into silly diet-frenzies.

diet vs Lifestyle

My plan is to go back to the basics in January and cut out a few things of my diet just to see how this affects my body. From February onwards I want to maintain a 80/20 ratio, allowing myself occasional treats, whilst focusing on healthy, wholesome foods during the week. This looks like a good balance to me; mainly healthy, yet not denying myself everything. Life is for living after all.

So in January…
1. I’m drinking no alcohol at all and from February onwards I’ll only drink in weekends or at special occasions. I’m curious to see how this will affect my skin in particular.

2. I’m cutting back severely on refined sugar. I’m quite a sweet tooth, and we do need natural sugars, so I’m going to have to find my kick from those! I hope this will show in my waistline and in more stable energy levels.


3. I’m banning gluten for now. Bread really is my downfall (who doesn’t love a slice of unhealthy fresh white bread with zero nutritional value), but I often feel bloated after eating bread, so I want to see if this gets better.

4. I’m adding way more fruit and veg to my diet by starting the day with green juice. Who knew you hardly taste spinach when added to orange juice? It has a lot of health benefits and is packed with vitamins and minerals.


5. I don’t drink coffee generally, maybe one cappuccino a month, so that’s negligible. My tea is decaf green tea from Celestial Seasonings, so I will only miss caffeine that is in chocolate, and maybe I did eat just a tiny little bit too much of that…

6. I’m cutting out dairy on the grounds that I find it unnatural to drink milk from a cow. Humans are the only mammals drinking milk from other mammals, and quite frankly, I think it’s weird. Cow milk is meant for baby cows, not for people.

7. I’ll work with a proper gym schedule and plan work-outs for the week. Also, I’ll try to combine fun with working out; I go run with a friends in stead of sitting on our behinds and indulging on coffee and cake.


8. I’m going to investigate what the best types of exercise are for tall women (apart from basketball obviously 😉 ) focusing on our weak spots, in my case my lower back. I’ll share my findings so let me know what your weak spots are and I’ll add this to the list!

9. I’m a pescetarian which means I don’t eat meat, but I do occasionally eat fish.
I will add a bit more fish to my diet as it is high in iron and protein, two things I always struggle to get enough of.

10. I will start a diary on the blog to keep myself accountable on my progress, to stay motivated, and to keep you informed on what works for me and what doesn’t. Consider this Post 1. 🙂

So, who is with me and wants to make an effort to motivate each other?


NB. Please note that I am not a nutritionist or trainer or anything like that whatsoever; I have great interest in both subjects and I’ve read a lot about it, but I am surely not an expert. I’m just combining various things I’ve read and I’m doing what seems right for my body to get it where I want it to be as it has worked in the past for me.

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    5 January 2016 at 18:55

    Great steps and it sounds like you have a solid plan! Here are my random thoughts in no particular order:

    I am very curious to see what exercises you find for tall people. I know I need to strengthen my core and back to help with my back pain and I should probably be doing pilates or yoga! Bread is a major downfall for me right now.

    I buy a fresh loaf at the bakery every week. I don’t feel like I overindulge on it but the 2 of us certainly do polish it off within a week so maybe I’m in denial.

    Interesting point about milk as well. I don’t drink milk and only use it in my coffee but I can see where it could be considered unnatural. Are you also cutting out cheese? Or mostly just milk?

    My friend and I have started a 30 day workout program that we’re doing together (Jillian Shred). I think I mentioned it to you the other day. We just finished day 2. I’m SO sore but also so happy with myself. If we stick with it (or I should say AFTER we stick with it) for the whole 30 days, I think we’ll definitely noticed a change in our bodies. I am actually happy with my weight right now so I really just want to tone up my jiggles.

    Re fruit and veg, I DEFINITELY need more of this in my life. I’ve gotten better in the past couple of months but there’s always room for improvement. One of my current fav snacks is an apple with all-natural peanut butter. I’ve heard that PB isn’t as popular in Europe though. Is that true? Maybe almond butter? Another thing I’ve been doing is eating Clementine oranges at night for a sweet treat. It’s a far cry from my usual mini Ben & Jerry’s that I love in terms of guilty pleasure but Clementines are also quite yummy in their own right and don’t cause any guilt. I’m way better at eating fruit than veg but I do love salads these days which is better than nothing I suppose.

    I’m happy that you’ll be posting your progress. I think it will help keep me motivated as well.

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    5 January 2016 at 18:56

    And wow! I just realized I wrote a novel, didn’t I? 🙂 Oops!

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    3 March 2016 at 22:07

    I’m a bit behind on my blog reading so excuse the lateness of this comment but this post resonated with me an awful lot.

    I have never drunk. If it’s Christmas or my birthday I might be tempted into a bucks fizz but that’s mostly just because of the occasion, I actually prefer soft drinks. I have always been the smug sober one in my friendship groups but I’ve never let it stop me from having fun either. I don’t often compare myself to others but I do feel much healthier than my friends who are frequent drinkers.

    I also went Gluten Free about 6 months ago and it has made a huge difference to my sense of well being. I lost 7lbs in the first 6 months and so far it hasn’t gone back on. I also wake up naturally at a decent hour and I never feel uncomfortable full (well, unless I’ve really over done it!)

    One other change I made was to start taking supplements of Peppermint Oil Capsules – I was advised by my GP that drinking peppermint tea would help with the bloat too but I’ve never liked the stuff so this was our compromise.

    I’ve also never drunk milk for exactly the same reasons as you. I’ve also never drunk tea or coffee, although as I tend to get a daily fix from Chocolate I’m not entirely sure I can be classed as caffeine free…

    Some people see my choices as limiting so it’s really refreshing to read a post like this and know someone else sees it as a good choice.

    Sara x

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