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Awesome Tall Girls Part V: Elle Macpherson

Tall Elle MacphersonTo further support evidence that inspiring tall girls are all over the place, today I’d like to feature Australian beauty Elle Macpherson.
At 6’0 ft / 1.83m this stunner has used her looks (and of course her height) to start a successful modelling career, which she subsequently built out into quite an imperium including an underwear line and a nutrition company, with herself as the name, the face and ‘The Body’ of these brands. Let’s check her out!

Elle was born in 1964 and grew up in Sydney, Australia. At the tender age of 16, she applied at a modelling agency, got signed up, starred in a TV commercial a shy two years later. Four years later, she did her first cover for Elle US. Throughout her career, she has been featured on the cover of countless magazines and a record-breaking five times on the cover of Sport Illustrated.

Her nickname is ‘The Body’, given to her by Time Magazine, and we can all see why that is. Even at the age of 51 she still looks amazing. But it’s not only modelling and her amazing shape that got her where she is. She did some acting throughout the years, she is the creative director of her own underwear line called “Elle Macpherson Intimates”, she’s one of the women behind WelleCo, a ‘super elixir’  alkalising you body, she’s the host and executive producer of Britain’s Next Top Model, and she’s involved in various good causes. Pfew.

If that isn’t busy enough, she’s mother to two children who live in London, step-mother to three children who live in Aspen, Colorado and wife to a husband who lives in Miami. She must be running her busy life from airplanes and airports. Here are a few packing tips if you need them, Elle. 😉

In her latest interview with Red Magazine, she says that those trying to reinvigorate their lives in 2016 should find ‘co-dreamers – people who get your vision and encourage you. ‘Describe in vivid detail to your co-dreamers what it is you wish to achieve. Then commit relentlessly, and be flexible because some of the best ideas need room to evolve.’

All I can say is Amen to that!

Pictures courtesy of Pinterest / the last one of Red Magazine/Simon Upton

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