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Chasing the Aurora Borealis

Northern lights 2015-4485Is there anything more magical than the Aurora Borealis, the enchanting lights in the sky, also known as the Northern Light? This gorgeous colorful light display created by mother nature is mainly seen on very high latitude in the Arctic regions. It is said that the Northern part of Norway is one of the best places to chase for the ‘Aurora’ and see her dance in the sky. Seeing as we were in the area over Christmas, we didn’t want to let the opportunity pass to see the phenomena for ourselves, so on our way we went with the ‘Aurora Chaser’. 

Our journey started in Tromsø where we were picked up by Kjetil Skogli, also known as the Aurora Chaser. He was the guide who showed Joanna Lumley around the area in her 2008 TV success “Joanna Lumley – In The Land Of The Northern Lights” that was broadcasted on BBC1.

Northern lights 2015-4452
The Aurora is quite unpredictable and has a mind of her own, so it’s always hard to tell if, when and where she will appear. Kjetil, being well-connected and very familiar in the area, will do his best to not only find the lights, but also to find a decent spot to see them from. After driving around for roughly two hours, we struck gold.
Or actually… Green.

Northern lights 2015-4466
Very gentle at first, but chasing the aurora is all about patience…
We had a full moon, meaning that Aurora could be a bit paler than she normally is.

Northern lights 2015-4478
Slowly but surely, more green, elusive shades started to appear in the sky while we warmed ourselves with tea and coffee that Kjetil brought. Temperatures had dropped to around -15 Celsius by now, so that was very much welcomed.

Northern lights 2015-4474
These pictures were taken around midnight, but due to the longer exposure time of the camera, to enable capturing Aurora in all her glory, it looks quite light. Kjetil is a photographer too, so he will try to get you the best shot, and he will give some tips and tricks while you’re at it.

Northern lights 2015-4472
Don’t be fooled by the pictures though: it was a very dark night as this area is one of the least light polluted areas in the world…

Northern lights 2015-4471
… allowing us to witness not only Aurora, but also a gazillion stars that we normally can’t see from our heavily lit up urban areas. It was magical.

Northern lights 2015-4470
After hours of chasing and the photographers in our group getting their shots, we set out for our journey back to the hotel around 0030. It was exhilarating to witness Mother Nature at her best, and this is a trip you can’t miss when you are in the area.
If you want to go chasing with The Aurora Chaser as well, you can contact him here.

Northern lights 2015-4488

Northern lights 2015-4486

Northern lights 2015-4473

No Aurora in this pic, but I just thought it was a beautiful picture of Tromsø, so I wanted to share it.

Northern lights 2015-4453

Pictures all taken by the Hobbit with his camera


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    23 January 2016 at 12:03

    The landscape and sky look absolutely stunning and unreal! What a once in a lifetime experience to be able to see this and thanks to your descriptions and fantastic photos, I almost felt like I was there. Funny story – I was showing this to my husband and telling him maybe we need to go see the Northern Lights and he says “Oh…already seen em”. I forgot he had visited friends in Alaska about 12 years ago and they had had quite the wilderness adventure. He promptly retrieved his hard drive with all of his old photos to show me. I still think we should go to Norway to see them for my sake.

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    Tall Wife
    25 January 2016 at 10:15

    Yes, defo get him to take a trip here with you! The Northern Lights are amazing, but the area itself is amazingly beautiful with so much exciting things to do!! 🙂

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