January: Homely, Healthy and Productive!

January collageThe first month of 2016 is gone already. Though it wasn’t the most adventurous month in terms of traveling, we did lay some ground works on travel plans for the coming months. Quite frankly, I enjoyed being at home a few weekends in a row. December had been so crazy that having a Saturday morning coffee with a friend and taking time to do groceries felt like a luxury. Who would have thought I’d ever say that?

Being at home allowed me to catch up on some long overdue posts: I was very happy to finally share Zofie shoes with you and to introduce this brand specialising in bigger size shoes. My pink shoes had been sitting in their cute pink shoebox ever since December, wanting to come out and play.


I had time to process the pictures we took in Norway during our Northern Lights Chase. It was such an amazing experience, the whole Tromso trip made me fall in love with Norway a wee bit.

Northern lights 2015-4472
Being home did make it easier to focus on my health goals and allowed me to do some research on core exercise  (and other things that will be coming up soon. :))

reverse lunge

reverse lunge

Traveling is nice, but it sometimes makes you forget and appreciate the things present at your doorstep. Or well, maybe not at the doorstep, but a just short train ride away. Rotterdam for instance, to where we took a day trip and did some (culinary) exploring.

While this post goes live, I’m up in the air on my way to New York for a work trip, so January wasn’t completely lost on traveling: at least I was abroad one day this month. 🙂 I’ll stay for 6 days, so I’m very excited as New York always is so vibrant! In February, I will visit Ireland for the first time, and I’ll be back in my beloved England for a few days too! Good times coming up!

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