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Bucketlist: Running in Central Park

When traveling to a foreign city and if I have space left over in my suitcase, the one thing I pack is my running gear. If conditions permit, I love exploring new places running. It gives a completely new perspective, it’s a great way to discover a city and it helps to stay fit and healthy. On my ‘Bucket List’ (or ‘Life List’ as I’d like to call it) was running in Central Park and this week the opportunity to strike this off the list was on the doorstep. Or well, 10 blocks away from my doorstep to be exact.

I always feel that running in a foreign city gives a sense of being home. I don’t know why, I can’t explain that. Maybe it’s because I assume that people who run in a city, live in that same city. Very judgemental, I know, and being an undercover-tourist myself when running abroad, I certainly should know better.

I entered Central Park at Columbus Circle after warming up by doing slalom around pedestrians on the side walk, and started my run. The sun was shining, and even though I was feeling a bit rough after a few naughty drinks the day before, a big smile appeared on my face. Had I not written down this run as a goal, I likely would not have done it, so writing goals definitely helps, as here I was, achieving one of my own.

It was chilly but there were a lot of people out being active: running, cycling and walking. It felt like I was doing an organised run as the walking path was swamped with runners. They all appeared to be in great shape and running faster than I did in their shirts of whatever marathon they ran, but I guess that’s very typical for New York where I feel a lot of people are high achievers and quite competitive.

I stopped paying attention to them, I was there for me, doing my thing, so I focussed on that. And on not getting lost. 🙂 It felt wonderful to be surrounded by trees rather than by tall buildings for a change.

I do need to explore more of Central Park next time I’m there. By that time I’m hoping to back where I was a few years ago, running 10-12km. This morning I only did 4,5km, but that was more than I did for a while, so I’ll take it. Here’s proof of my bucket list achievement! 🙂


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    7 February 2016 at 17:20

    Hooray for crossing an item off of your “life list”! And I agree that it’s always a good idea to write goals down on a to do list because then they’re more likely to get done. Central Park is such a wonderful escape from the traffic, buildings etc. of NYC. I can’t wait to go back (to both the city and the park)!

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