February; An Extra Day!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 21.06.33So February treated us to an extra day as 2016 is a leap year!! Some say it’s an extra day that you have to work and don’t get paid for, I say it’s an extra day full of opportunities, and an extra day to enjoy!ย Maybe I’m just an eternal optimist, but I’d rather be that than the opposite. ๐Ÿ™‚ So it is with joy (just like this happy little lamb on the left) that I look back to this XXL Month which was promising for what is coming in 2016 for all things Tall. Let’s have a look back!ย 

The month started in New York City, exactly between two periods of snow, so I got to enjoy the pretty white blanket over NYC, but did not have to endure the nuisance of ruining shoes in fresh city snow. How lucky was I? It even gave me the opportunity to get an item off my bucket list, and I did my long anticipated run in Central Park!

As lovely quiet andย homely January was, I traveled a bit more in February.ย ย After NYC, I went to Dublin for a few days! Such a lovely city, not enough time to explore, but I did make most of the time I had, and another post on one of the pretty sights I visited will follow shortly on the blog! I just can’t wait to get back to Ireland in June.

Dublin -3565
Upon return, I took a few days off and joined the Hobbit in England, where I had a lovely meet up with Sallee who just launched today. Keep an eye on that website, as I suspect it will become a great spot for all things tall!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 20.40.16

I also took the opportunity to catch up with Alison of Tall Order Clothing, and I had a glance at what’s coming. I can only say that I liked what I saw and that I can’t wait for what’s in store next!

In other Tall Fashion News, I was very pleased to see Dutch Tall retailer Pretty Tall opening a shop very close to work. Whilst I’m sure I’ll get in trouble with this, I’m very pleased to have retailer close by.

Pretty Tall Shop-3837
Even though February 2016 will go into the books as the month with the least blog posts ever (even that extra day didn’t help), I’m very excited about 2016 in terms of Fashion. MARGE Clothing will be launching their new collection soon too, so there’s so much to look forward too!

I’m packing tonight as I’m off to Kenya for two days this week, and on Friday, I will finally see my man again after two weeks! I’ll make sure I share my Kenya adventure here too, and in March, you might even get a post from an exciting place in Europe too.

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    29 February 2016 at 22:33

    What a lovely start to 2016! Enjoy Kenya … Can’t wait to see photos.

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