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Easter Foodie Fest

While a lot of people were busy preparing Easter breakfast yesterday, I had a bit of a lie in. Daylight saving time robbed me of an hour sleep, which I wasn’t going to give up that easily. I was going to go to an indoor food festival so no need to spend precious time on an extensive breakfast. There are three things I love taking pictures of; animals, flowers and food, in that order. Animals I did a few weeks ago in Nairobi, flowers I will do in two weeks at Keukenhof Gardens, so yesterday, it was going to be food!

The food fair we went to was all about vintage food trucks, bars, nostalgic fun fair attractions, music, and there was a lifestyle market too. It was held in an old factory hall, giving the it an industrial, old-fashioned atmosphere.

This was foodies’ heaven with something for everyone: the organic butcher, the gluten-free pancakebaker and the healthy juicemaker, they were all there. Yes, it was a bit hipster, but enjoying some nostalgic food wouldn’t hurt anyone, so we decided to give it a go, and started with a cappuccino made in the back of a van.

After a stroll around, I fell for a typical Dutch item: a croquette (kroket in Dutch). Basically, it’s a breadcrumbed fried food roll. I hardly ever eat them as they normally contain meat, but they had a cheese option too, so I couldn’t resist.

See that lovely purse? My friend found that on the lifestyle market. I was a bit envious she saw it before I did! 🙂 After a bit of retail therapy (I found a cute navy skirt!), we tried some fries from organically grown potatoes, freshly cut on the spot, served in a nifty little bag. And yes, US readers, Pulp Fiction Vincent is right: we do drown ’em in mayonnaise. Organic mayonnaise in this particular case.

We chose two deep-fried options because we were feeling rebellious, but there were loads of other (and healthier) options available too; oysters, meat or veggie sandwiches, smoked fish, pancakes, smoothies, stir-fries, fresh lemonades.


All trucks were vintage, and one was decorated even cuter than the other.

I was driving, so I couldn’t order anything here, but I loved the name and the decor:

I couldn’t resist a flower shot, sorry.

There was a mini-ferris wheel too, which attracted mainly parents with children.
And two thirty-something year old girls women. 😉


Even though it was inside and spring has officially started, my chunky H&M knit came out to play for I think (hope) the last time this season as it was still a bit chilly. I can’t wait to start wearing my spring/summer wardrobe again and sit outside with some friends and chilled wine that will stay chilled if you use the item on the right below.
Or you can just put it in one of your Ugg boots, as I don’t see a lot of difference. 🙂

Hope your Easter Sunday was as tasty as mine!!

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    28 March 2016 at 22:27

    My stomach is rumbling as I read this. Too much deliciousness and I love how everything was set up. That last comment about just putting the wine in Ugg boots is too funny. The mental image! We’re going to a “slow food” fair next weekend. I’m hoping for lots of tasty bites.

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