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Awesome Tall Girls Part VI: Karlie Kloss

Today, I want to feature a somewhat younger but not less successful awesome tall girl. 6’1ft/1.85m stunner Karlie Kloss caught my attention as I think she is an atypical yet classical beauty. Born in 1992, she is a young, energetic, hardworking girl who has gathered a bunch of famous and achieving girlfriends around her as well. It’s this new generation of super ambitious young women who are supporting each other in whatever it is they do best, and I like that. Your success doesn’t depend on the failure of others and all that. 

Karlie was discovered at a young age at a charity fashion show, and before she knew it, modelling agencies were fighting over her. She moved from St. Louis to New York City, from where she travels the world on her modelling jobs.

Karlie Kloss
What I like about her (apart from her height), is that she keeps busy with very different things than modelling, although she’s doing a great job at that too.

She’s into computing and coding, and she’s supporting young women with her ‘Kode with Karlie’ scholarship, a two-week summer program at The Flatiron School in New York City, which she attended herself alongside the 20 young women who received the scholarship. She has enrolled for more computer science courses at NYU. Some people wonder what a former Victoria’s Secret model is doing in science class, but I think that’s sour grapes and I say good on you, Karlie. Show the world that brains and beauty can be combined.

When she’s not in front if the camera or coding, she loves baking. You can have a glimpse in her life on her YouTube channel called Klossy, where she shares bits and pieces of her life, recipes and backstage footage too.

Karlie KLoss
So, if anyone tells you that you are too tall to be a supermodel, remove them from your life immediately, and pursue your dreams anyway.


Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

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