Article: Height & Success: Size Matters

Last month, the Independent posted an article on a study that found that tall people more likely to be successful in life. It states “The findings are the strongest evidence yet that size matters when it comes to future success.”  Apparently, we are more likely to succeed or earn more that our shorter (and heavier) counterparts.

The article makes a link between BMI and height: there is a connection between high BMI and short stature when it comes to socioeconomic status.

“The study found that shorter height led to lower levels of education, lower job status, and less income, particularly in men; while higher BMI resulted in lower income and greater deprivation in women.”

Not that we need another one, but I guess here’s another reason to be happy about being tall. 🙂 Have a look for yourself, the full article can be found here.

Original article written by Jonathan Owen for Independent.co.uk


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    10 April 2016 at 12:33

    While height and BMI may be important and have effects on self image and so-on, there are other factors that are more important. In many countries the class you are born into, your skin color and your sex make huge differences. There are many things we can’t control and some we can. Height gives a few openings so it is useful to use them. It is good to have the wind at our backs on this one:-)

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    11 April 2016 at 02:16

    I love facts like this, although I think that sometimes my height holds back my success, not because I’m tall, but because of how it makes me feel? I think being confident is very important for a successful career. Great blog btw 🙂

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