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Daffodil Day at Keukenhof Gardens

Wherever you live, chances are that you’ve never visited the tourist highlights of your city or country yourself. I guess New Yorkers don’t go up the Empire State Building often and that Londoners skip the changing of guards. Until 3 years ago, I had never been to Keukenhof – the worlds most beautiful spring garden if you ask me – full of colorful flowers in all shapes and sizes. I was so happy to go back there as flowers always cheer me up, even if I’m not in need of cheering up.

Getting up around the same time the sparrows do their thing, we arrived in Lisse before the busloads of tourist did, allowing us at least an hour of reasonable down-time to get some pics without people in it, as just 2 hours later, I was hardly able to walk down these paths, let alone get decent pics!


I get it though: Keukenhof is open from mid March to Mid May when the flowers are blooming; our blooms are demanding little ladies who only show themselves briefly, so you have to come at the right time.

In the four hours I was there, I think I covered a third of the property (and my friend only saw one of the exhibition halls being so busy with her photography!!)


There’s so much to see, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many varieties of tulips.

Early morning made that there still was some dew on the flowers, giving perfect photo opportunities.

Nijntje, or Miffy as she’s known by in other countries was represented as well.
Her creator is from my hometown, so I always feel a bit protective of her. 🙂

Outside, there were endless fields of colourful flowers too. It doesn’t get much more Dutch than this:

The Delft blue part of the exhibition was my favourite as it’s so quintessentially Holland. Actually, I shouldn’t say Holland, as that technically only refers to our two most densely inhabited provinces (North and South Holland), leaving out the other 10 provinces.

Being so captivated by my own country, I couldn’t resist a typical Dutch treat: poffertjes. These are basically mini-pancakes, over which we make butter melt by the heat of the poffertjes themselves so powdered sugar sticks nicely to the them. Odd? Maybe, but it’s a MUST when you visit NL.

After my snack, I went back to the flowers, who were still patiently posing and showing off their gorgeous hearts too.

I explored the outside areas a bit more too.

I agree with this little fella; if I was him, I’d live here too.



So this day really put a smile on my face, and posting these cheerful pics (I have so many more btw, but that means you’ll be scrolling through 150 pics… 🙂 ) brings that same smile all back again!



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