Smashed Lemon – A Zesty White Dress

You might have seen on Instagram that I am a bit obsessed with a new white dress that I bought at Pretty Tall fashion during the opening of their 2nd shop. Luckily, it was also one of the items they selected for me to wear during the fashion show.
The dress is by Smashed Lemon, and I was pleased to find out that this is a local Dutch Brand, based in Amsterdam, founded in 2007.
Today, I want to show you why I love my white dress so much. 

First of all, the length makes it a perfect candidate to wear to work. It’s just over the knee, and this is the only dress I have of this length. I love it.

File 25-04-2016, 20 28 38

For work, I pair it with a jacket to make it a bit more formal, and because the dress is neutral white, you can (obviously) pair with any colour you want. Same goes for shoes. In the pic above I keep the colour scheme quite timid with black, white and grey, but I also love to pair the dress with colourful shoes like my pink Zofie Shoes for instance.

File 25-04-2016, 20 29 31
When not worn with a jacket, I think it also makes a perfect dress for less formal occasions: with the right accessories, I’d wear it to parties or dinners too. If there’s anything to pick on, it would be that any white dress is quite unforgiving ; you can’t hide anything, not even the seam of your tights, so the right underwear and the right tights are crucial. The word you’re looking for is shapewear seamless.

Hard to see on the pics above, but it has a lovely subtle print on the fabric .

I love the simple yet elegant style of the dress. The brand isn’t a ‘tall’ brand as such, but let’s assume that maybe because they’re a Dutch brand, the cuts are based on the taller ladies of the Netherlands. When they started out in 2007, Smashed Lemon mainly focused on dresses, but the collection expanded and they now offer a variety of styles at good value for money. They distribute to 23 countries so far and are looking at expanding, so there’s a good chance you’ll find them at stores near you.

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    27 April 2016 at 07:48

    Absolutely fabulous dress! I love the textured fabric and that you’re brave enough to wear white! The length is perfect too as you pointed out. I think you’ll get tons of wear out of this dress since it’s basically a blank slate for dressing up or down, adding color or going with a neutral look etc. Great choice!

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    Jonathan Caswell
    17 May 2016 at 03:15

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