A French TV Program on Tall Dutchies

Last year, the BBC filmed an item in the Netherlands about tall Dutch people. In the mean time, the French too got wind of the fact that NL is a hide-out for tall people, so a TV crew was sent over to come see us. Though the BBC item focussed solely on our height, France5 was making a travel program on The Netherlands in general, and our height was one of the highlighted items. They wanted to interview and film tall people in their natural habitat, so filming would be done at the newly opened Pretty Tall shop in Hoofddorp. 

Again, I was a shorty (I get a lot of that lately, not sure how I feel about that… 😉 ),  but it was a fun morning filming with this lot.

Tall People

You can view the item in the video below. My interview was cut out, but at least my  2 lengthy assets, walking in at 41.57m, got their 15 seconds of fame. The video will start automatically at the item filmed at Pretty Tall.

The program is called “Échappées Belles”, and is broadcasted on France 5.
I hope your French is good, as it doesn’t come with subtitles! 🙂


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    25 May 2016 at 21:14

    How cool! Apparently I should have been born in the Netherlands 🙂

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      Tall Wife
      25 May 2016 at 21:21

      Haha, yes! You’d feel right at home here!! 🙂

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