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Ireland: Malahide Castle & Howth

If you’re in Dublin, and you want to have a bit of an escape from the city, a visit to Malahide castle is worth your time. If you combine this with some lunch at the fishermen village of Howth, you’ll have a lovely morning or afternoon enjoying the beautiful coastline and countryside Ireland has to offer, learn some history, plus you’ll get a taste of some freshly caught seafood too if you’re into that. If you have better weather than I had, you might even be able to enjoy the lush gardens a bit more.

Malahide is one of the oldest castles in Ireland, with parts dating back to the 12th century. It’s set on 260 acres of land and was owned by the same family for 800 years.


This Talbot family was originally British and the estate began in 1185. I can see how it stayed in the family for so long, as I wouldn’t want to give up views like this either.


I was particularly fascinated by the dressing room of the lady of the house as it brought back memories of my grandmother. Though she didn’t live on an estate like this, she did have a similar bag and hat.

The vanity table of the lady of the house was pretty well equipped too…


The lord of the house had nothing to complain about either, this gentleman knew how to travel in style and how to keep his things organised. In fact, he reminded me of the lord of my house. (Or, technically, lord of the apartment… 🙂 )

Though the lord of my house does not have an office like this unfortunately.

I do find estates like this always a bit spooky, and here too, there are ample stories of ghosts and other spooky things. One apparently still lives in this dining room.

Though you won’t spent hours in the castle, the estate is a pleasant place to walk around for a bit with loads of green.

When you’re done ghostbusting, sightseeing, and shopping in the rather big gift shop, it’s only a short drive to Howth, which technically is a suburb of Dublin.

Howth is not very big, but apparently attracts creative people: novelist John Banville, U2 drummer Larry Mullen, Actor Stuart Townsend were born and raised here and John Sheahan of The Dubliners and Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries lived here for a while too. Must be the local seafood that develops creativity…

Or maybe the sweets from the tiny local market…

If you’re lucky, you might spot some other local inhabitants too, like these lazy seals lurking about to get some left over fish from the fishing boats.

So if you’re looking for a half day trip from Dublin, look no further, This one is very pleasant and defo has my seal of approval! 🙂



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    15 June 2016 at 03:08

    One of my favorite places! And the restaurants in Malahide are great too. There’s also the Port Marnock Beach, which is a lovely walk along the estuary and sea from Malahide.

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    18 June 2016 at 09:29

    This look like a very pleasant day trip! I’ll be sure to remember it if we ever visit Dublin

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